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You won't see anything else like it!

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Sire V7 2nd Generation Lake Placid Blue
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6 days ago
Marcus Miller "On The Road" Part 2

Catch Marcus Miller and the team in the streets of Netherlands, Paris and Madrid!

Special thanks to Quincy Jones, Richard Bona, The Music Alliance and Adagio.

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"Happy Monday ✊🏽
Check out this dope record from my bro
@cjpittsmusic !

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Music Connoisseur

Grooving with a Sire Marcus Miller V7 Bass!

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Jingles -Derek Jhingoree grooving hard with his Sire V7 Marcus Miller Bass Guitar!

We are proud to support Jingles with Sire Marcus MIller basses!

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Here comes the Sire V7 2nd Generation Burgundy!

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📷 Music Store Live

1 week ago

Scott hit the spot!
"It's the PLAYABILITY that is kinda outlandish" - Scott

Thanks ScottsBassLessons.com for this video!


The new Sire USA V10 is amazing 🔥... check it out and let me know what you think!

Dropping a lesson with this one for sure ;)

1 week ago

Say HELLO to the Sire V3 Fretless 2nd Generation!

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📷 @abe.setiawan

1 week ago
Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Hello people of Washington!
#SireRevolution Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

4 & 5 String Sire USA x Marcus Miller V10 Basses 🎸 Finished with a solid maple flamed veneer 🔥
Bass players what do you prefer? 4 or 5 string? 🧐 Tell us below! 👇

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