Hello Sire Fans!

As we are an online based company, Sire Guitars can easily meet customer demands and have heard some complains about our products too.

First, some bass players mentioned that our 5 string basses weight is quite heavy. Generally a Jazz Bass body size is known to have one of the big body shape within the bass field and it has rather heavier then those of modern type basses. ( M7 type )

Although after we’ve encountered this complains, we’ve changed our produce lineup and added 1 more process to check for our basses weight. (We’re guessing no other factory has this process. LOL) So in near future, these complains will eventually disappear.

Second, as some people mentioned and premiere magazine posted that our battery cable was too short and changing battery is not easy. By our next batch we will fix this problem too.

Thank you for all the comments that our customers gave us from talkbass, bass communities in Europe, Japan, etc. We are very open minded and our goal is to be interactive with our players and supply what they need all under an affordable price.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.


The Sire Team