Today is the second quiz of Kyle’s Mic Story.

First, I would like to reveal the correct answers of the last quiz.
Which microphones do you think were the condenser microphones?

The Answer for first quiz :
Female File : No.3 No.4 No.5
Male File : No.2 No.4

Listen carefully again to the female audio file and male audio file with the correct answer in mind.




Now I hope you can easily tell the difference between a dynamic and condenser microphones. And Let’s Listen to the audio recorded using the Shure microphone which is considered as a standard industry microphone. If you listen to the files below, the microphones are arranged from the lowest price to the most expensive. You can see that the microphones are being replaced with the condenser microphone balance as the number goes higher.




Number 1 and 2 are dynamic microphones.
Number 3 and 4 are condenser microphones.
Can you hear the difference? If you listen carefully to the files you will hear the difference between a dynamic and a condenser microphone.
I believe you have understood enough.

So here’s today’s quiz.
You will be able to hear all four microphones. They are SM58, Beta58A, KSM9 and Monster7 Blue microphone. [Random order] This is a quiz to find the Monster7 Blue and KSM9 among the 4 different microphones.



HINT: KSM9 and Monster7 blue’s sounds are very very similar.
[ Very condenser balanced microphones. ]

It is less difficult than the last quiz, if you listen carefully then you will know.
Please write down your answers and send it to
Many great products are waiting for you.

please find correct answer

A. No1 : Monster7 Blue No2 : KSM9
B. No2 : Monster7 Blue No3 : KSM9
C. No3 : Monster7 Blue No4 : KSM9
D. No1 : Monster7 Blue No4 : KSM9

Answer format : The answer is [ ? ]