“..Had I been introduced to Sire basses based on price alone, I may have been very skeptical about how good they might be.  Fortunately, I got a chance to see and play the bass before I was told how much it costs.

My take on this bass is, this is a very, very good jazz bass.  Although the price is amazingly affordable, this is not an entry-level instrument.  I would proudly play this instrument on any stage in the world without reservation.  It sounds and looks that good!

Marcus Miller and Sire have managed to put together a pricing model that will allow virtually anyone to be able to get a high quality, good playing and excellent sounding bass without breaking the bank.

Currently, the players that are playing the Marcus Miller by Sire V7 basses include Jackie Clark, Jonathan Moody, Kevin “KT” Tyler, Marcus Miller, Chicago bassists Will Howard, Jauqo III-X, and me – Vuyani Wakaba.   A large number of basses has been sold to many other bass players and are currently in the process of being delivered…”