Recruit of Monster7 Beta Testers and Review Video Contest

Finally the launch of Monster7 is just around the corner! We have prepared a special present for Sire families before the launch. Only 30 to 40 contestants will be selected for now but if there’s an active participation, we are happy to increase the number of contestants and provide the chance of experiencing Monster7 as much as possible.

We are expecting many will be participating. This contest will be selecting the contestants based on the availability of video production and then uploading to YouTube. This criteria is not a must but if a you are able to compare Monster7 and a microphone that you already own, the chance of you being selected will be higher. If video production is difficult for you, you can write in detail the experience of using Monster7 in the actual live stage and the chance of you being selected will be higher as well.

Monster7 bulk pack[15 microphones ] will be given to 5 testers(best video or review) in YouTube selected by us.

Send an email to with information below. We will individually contact you if you’ve been selected.

Apply Form
1. Name :
2. The microphone you currently own. :
3. Are you able to make a video and upload to YouTube? :
4. Are you able to write a detailed review of using Monster7 in an actual live stage? :