My name is Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong (May) and I am a professional musician. My first instrument is a drum set. I first played bass when I was 16, because a bass player in my band quitted. So I had to be a substitute. I didn’t like playing bass at first, but now I love it.

I heard about Sire Bass from Youtube. I’ve been following Marcus Miller for a while because he’s my idol and has inspired me to play bass. -When I first played Sire Bass, I was impressed with the feeling when slapping. The neck felt just right. -I’ve owned 15 basses, including Sire Bass V7. Personally, I think Sire is the best bang for the buck. It’s just fun to play, especially for people who like slapping. I think Sire is one of the most funs to do slapping

Now, I’m producing my own album, “BURN” by May Patcharapong. It should be out soon. You can view my work on Youtube, or support us through Itune. On top of that, I have a band that does back-up music for both Thai and international artists. I’ve been working with many Thai famous artists such as, New-Jiw, Nueng Aphiwat, Nueng Jakrawan, Ko Mr. Saxman, Tu Nuntida, Mint Maliwan, Singto Namchok, Golf Pichaya, To Saksit, Pod Moderndog, Dom The Star, Kam The Star, Gunt The Star, and Palmy. International artists that I’ve worked with are Jakob Dinesen, Frank Herrgott, Erik Hargrove, Philippe Sellam. I also have recorded with Ao Seksan, Nueng Jakrawan, Nueng Aphiwat, Bell Supol, Kop Taxi

I don’t have a specific goal for numbers of view. I do it for fun. I feel great and am quite surprised that there’re many people following my work.