My name is Jorge Burgos Jr & I’m 50 yrs old. Born & raised in the windy city of Chicago, I’ll. I’m a security officer & work security at a bank. The last few yrs I’ve been working on my bass project titled Mission Possible.

I first heard of sire basses when I found out  that Marcus Miller was endorsing the new bass. I suddenly saw that fender stopped making his jazz bass so I went on YouTube to find out more about sire basses. I heard a couple of demos so I said to myself that I had to get this bass. If Marcus gave it a thumbs up than I knew for sure it had to be good.
I ordered one & I simply loved it. The sound, construction, & the feel.

Like most bass players, I started out as a drummer in 1976-77. But the bass guitar for some reason always fascinated me. I started playing bass in the fall of 1979.

I used to be part of a band named Caravan 2:11
back from 200-2003. The band ended because a couple of members got married & the rest did their own projects. It was a contemporary Christian band.
Currently, I’m not part of a band. I was also a part of a worship team at the church I formally attended. Now currently I do some studio work occasionally.

I’d would like to keep pushing forward my current release & make a CD release concert. Also, to be a part of other music shows.

I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of several concerts & park festivals over the yrs. Sometimes I do small restaurant gigs as well.

My main influences are Marcus Miller, John Patitucci, Jacob pastorius & Nathan East.

My bass project “Mission Possible” is of course, a bass centered project, instrumental.  It took me about 9.5 yrs to finish.

Some of the tracks I composed/produced. A few others are tracks that I used with permission from some friends of mine. My insperation to do my project was of course jaco’s 1976 release but also John patitucci’s “On the corner release.