My name is Jackie Clark and I’m from Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve pretty much been a working bassist (live and studio) here in Memphis and around the world for the last 15 years. I’m currently working on my 1st solo project entitled Sunday Vibe that will feature my Sire V7 on a few tunes!

I was introduced to Sire basses through Jaquo lll-X and Marcus Miller at winter NAMM 2015. My 1st impression was there was no way this caliber bass is only $599 and how can I get one!

I played piano from age 6 to 12 I started playing bass at age 13…My mother had a gospel singing group that had 2 incredible bassists! (William Bell and James Kinard) Watching them made me want to learn the bass! My mom eventually bought my 1st bass (’74 Fender jazz)

Some of musical influences on bass are: Leroy Hodges (Al Green’s session bassist), Anthony Jackson, James Jameson, Willie Weeks, Jaco, Nathaniel Phillips, Nathan East, Lee Sklar, Geddy Lee…I love all styles/genres!

I’ve been a professional musician for nearly 20.years…I’ve played for numerous artists like Shirley Caesar, Mya, Dionne Warwick, Angie Stone, Shalamar, Howard Hewett, Denise Williams, Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics…when I’m not on the road, I play locally 5-6.nights a week.

The bass clef logo and Bass Pimp shirts are products of Lathon Bass wear that I proudly endorse! The bass pimp shirts are a creation of Gordon Spencer, who happens to dress like the photo on the shirt, when he plays gigs!

I’ve been able to your world as well as play live locally for some time now…always fun to play for live audiences wherever it happens to be!

I absolutely care about having great tone whenever I play…of course it starts with my hands but having an instrument like my V7 definitely makes things easier!!

Music is one of our greatest forms of communication…it’s much more than just entertainment. It’s like a spiritual experience…even a healing aid at times!

My suggestion would be to continue with the great quality control…this is by far the best bass in its price range…HANDS DOWN!!! I absolutely LOVE my Sire V7 bass!!!