I first picked up the bass guitar when I was 15, when the bass player didn’t show and a friend told me to play the bass. It was like the acoustic guitar but I should play just the low strings and from then on, it became my passion.

In the beginning  I was very influenced by Abe Laboriel in his recordings with the Hosanna Music. I’ve always been involved with gospel music, and always liked the groove players like James Jamerson, Pino Palladino, the master Marcus Miller and others

I met the Sire Bass via youtube. I always look for new gear and when I saw Mr. Miller demonstrating that bass, I had no doubt that I needed to get it! The bass is fantastic and it has exceeded my expectations

I first played in the studio when I plugged the bass their was no noise, it had a perfect pitch and the Heritage preamp is perfect. After that day, I played in a local event gig with the group I belong to the Family of Faith Worship. I also played for an established singer in Brazil, it was awesome.

I am honored to be the first  Sire Friend in Brazil. My desire is to invite all my friends and wish very soon to have a lot of Sire friends in Brazil.

I’ve had several instruments, but Sire surprised me! It is hard to believe that it is possible to have an instrument of this quality under a fair price for consumers.

My main suggestion to Sire is that they look at our Brazilian market and spread Sire Revolution here.

After 2 years of searching I found one way to get my Sire and when I saw an advertisement in Brazil, I had no doubt but to buy it. I had seen the great player Andrew Berry use the same model that I have with David Sanborn, it was great!

I’ve always been involved with gospel music and today I am part of Family of Faith Worship and also I am a free lancer to some gospel singers Brazilians.

My inspiration comes from God, on Him. I am so grateful for life, family, friends and music.