I found about Sire surfing the Internet. But I knew it was hard to find them in Bolivia.
In may I went to play in Cochabamba. A friend of mine, Ramiro Vazques, also a bass player
told me there was someone bringing Sire Bass to Bolivia. I immediately contacted Fernando
Jimenez at DON BOLIVIA and started my Sire relationship.

I was very impressed when I got my bass home. The bass just needed some light fret work
but was ready to play. The sound is just amazing and the wood work is just great.

When I knew the bass guitar, I didn’t had any clue this instrument existed. By plucking
the bass string in its case, I knew I wanted to play the bass my entire life and that’s what
I do since 1994.My main influences are

1. Flea
2. Jaco Pastorius
3. Marcus Miller

I started in Bolivia rock Bands. Soon I was invited to play all kinds of music. In 1998 I
moved to Mexico City. There I had the chance of going on with my studies. I performed with
great jazz musicians as Francisco Tellez and Emmanuel Mora. There I started my musical
Project Takesi with which I performed all over México and Europe. The 2nd cd PACHAMAMA
participated in the Latin Grammy Awards 2015. In Mexico I also performed live or in Studio
with latin Pop Stars as Alejandra Guzman, Reyli Barba, Sin Bandera, Nacho Cano, La 5ta
Estación among others. Since 2014 I returned to my Hometown La Paz where I still work as a
Musical Producer and Director. I currently keep on with Takesi and as musical Director for
Luzmila Carpio (world music), Milton Cortez (latin Pop) and several jazz projects including
Johannes Lemke, Jarry Singla (germany) and Christian Perez (arg/Usa).