Sire Guitars will be at Gerald Veasley's Bass Boot Camp!

Hello Bass Players!

Sire Guitars will be at Gerald Veasley’s Bass Boot Camp! Our basses will be displayed at the site for players to try them out. The boot camp dates will be by March 18-20, 2016 in Philadelphia,PA. Join Gerald Veasley’s Bass Boot Camp and who knows you maybe taking home one of the Sire basses to be raffled off at the end of the camp. For more information about the camp, please do visit the link below.

Jamiroquai Runaway Bass cover Marcus Miller V7 Sire

Well someone is in the mood for Jamiroquai’s tasty groove. Check out Goran Lazic’s cover of Runaway using our Sire Marcus Miller V7 bass. This is the Alder five string V7 so for those players who wanted to hear how it sounds like, here it is. Players such as Goran inspires us to push further in developing more instruments at Sire Guitars and this brings back the joy in creating music for the players. Choose Sire today!

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Marcus Miller Sire Bass V7 Test 2015

Another one from Eugen Botos with a video demo using our Sire Marcus Miller V7 bass. Now a high quality crafted bass is beyond your reach that is easy on the budget. Choose Sire today!

Release date for the Sire M7

Hello Sire Fans!

We are very sorry about the Sire M7 model which have kept bassists who are waiting for so long. As we posted earlier that we are using high quality solid wood and this delays our production.

The estimated release date for the Sire M7 in USA is mid March and next week we are planning to update you with some new pictures for the Sire M7 which is our final version. Our first batch will not be a large quantity, so if anyone interest please check our facebook and website often.

We thank you very much for your patience.


The Sire Team

Weight of sire bass (and the battery cable)

Hello Sire Fans!

As we are an online based company, Sire Guitars can easily meet customer demands and have heard some complains about our products too.

First, some bass players mentioned that our 5 string basses weight is quite heavy. Generally a Jazz Bass body size is known to have one of the big body shape within the bass field and it has rather heavier then those of modern type basses. ( M7 type )

Although after we've encountered this complains, we've changed our produce lineup and added 1 more process to check for our basses weight. (We're guessing no other factory has this process. LOL) So in near future, these complains will eventually disappear.

Second, as some people mentioned and premiere magazine posted that our battery cable was too short and changing battery is not easy. By our next batch we will fix this problem too.

Thank you for all the comments that our customers gave us from talkbass, bass communities in Europe, Japan, etc. We are very open minded and our goal is to be interactive with our players and supply what they need all under an affordable price.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.


The Sire Team

Hot New Color for the V7!

Hey Sire Fans!

We are happy to announce that Sire Guitars is offering a new color for our MarcusMiller V7 series. We’ve added new colors to the bass which is the bright metallic red (BMR).

This can be shipped by February 2016 and the finish can be ordered in our website within this week.

Limited Edition 75 Re-Issue Style V7

Another news Bass Players!

Sire Guitars has come up with the 75 re-issue style looking basses under our V7 series for limited time only. This model has more of the vintage look such as black position markers and binding. For those who are interested in this limited edition V7, this will be produced around January 2016.

Different parts for the limited edition V7 basses:

Fingerboard inlay – black box
Bridge saddle – old screw type

This product will not be under our regular model lineup so for players who like this style please place your preorders quickly as stocks are only limited. This will come under the alder body/maple neck configuration. Estimated price will be similar as v7 alder model.

The new breed of humbuckers

Hello Bass Players!

Here for another exciting news for our players. We are happy to also announce that the M7 model is on the production process. Thank you very much for waiting so long for our Marcus Miller M7 basses and at last the final version of the Marcus Miller M7 is now complete!

The main feature is about the body. We are using solid top flame maple wood and not just laminated or venner top. We’ve seen so many veneer flame maple top body on other brands but we haven’t seen any basses that uses a solid top wood (flame,quiltied, burl.etc ) that is below $1500.

We have made a hard decision for our M7 series. We at Sire Guitars care about quality and by using a solid flame maple top, expenses are higher than just using a veneer top for the M7. But Sire Guitars has decide to stick our motto “Professional Quality at an insane price – The Game Changer”.

Our prototype model has been tested with Marcus and Andre so it did pass they’re meticulous preferences just like the V7 series. So we are expecting this bass can change the humbucker preferences of our players. This is under production process and will be released by 2016 February so we will first get our preorders for the M7 basses.

Our Sire gig bags is also included and estimated prices are $599~$799 ( varies from 4/5 string and wood material. Local taxes are not included per country.) Please see the specifications for the Marcus Miller M7 series below.


Body Material : Alder/Ash with top Flame Maple Solid Wood Body Shape : New Modern Bass  Body Color : TBK[Transparent Black], TBL[Transparent Blue], NT(natural) Neck Material : Hardmaple  Neck Shape : C-Shape Scale : 34’/35′ ( For 5 string 35′ for clear low B ) Fingerboard : Rosewood Fingerboard Radius : 12” Frets : Medium , 24 Frets String Nut : Bone Nut  Inlay : White Pearl Dot Neck Joint : 4/5 Bolt Indivisual Dot ( 5 hole for 5 string ) Pickups : Marcus Miller pure humbucker (MMPH set ) Electronics : Marcus Heritage- 3 with Middle Frequency Control Controls : Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive ) Knobs: Modern Black  Bridge : Marcus Miller Custom Big Mass2 Bridge (String-Thru Body Bridge) Tuning Gear : Diecasting Gear Hardware Fiish : Chrome Pickguard : None



Most of our Sire Basses are currently sold out in all of our online stores and is only available for pre-order.

We are experiencing a strong demand from all around the world and Sire guitars are sold out as soon as they arrive into our local warehouses.

We are doing everything we can to make them available to our players as soon as possible. However, we do not want to sacrifice quality over quantity and so unfortunately we have to limit the number of production to maintain our high quality standard.

We wanted to shorten the out of stock time to make our customer more satisfied with the quality of our instruments.

Sire basses will adhere to our strict quality control to continually deliver high quality instruments to our players.

We are committed in serving our players with the best instruments. So to avoid another sold out, we recommend you to pre-order to secure your guitar.

We hope you understand our policy and continue to support the SIRE Company.


Executive officer

David YU

Sire website maintenance on Sunday, August 31 from 7pm -11pm Pacific Time

We will be performing some planned website maintenance on Sunday, August 31 from 7pm to 11pm Pacific Time in USA.

During this time, all the Sire web site will be offline.

Please contact us ;, if you have any inquiries during this hours.

We hope this won’t be too much of an inconvenience as we work to perform some necessary upgrades.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we tune up the site!