The second quiz of Kyle's Mic Story.

Today is the second quiz of Kyle’s Mic Story.

First, I would like to reveal the correct answers of the last quiz.
Which microphones do you think were the condenser microphones?

The Answer for first quiz :
Female File : No.3 No.4 No.5
Male File : No.2 No.4

Listen carefully again to the female audio file and male audio file with the correct answer in mind.




Now I hope you can easily tell the difference between a dynamic and condenser microphones. And Let’s Listen to the audio recorded using the Shure microphone which is considered as a standard industry microphone. If you listen to the files below, the microphones are arranged from the lowest price to the most expensive. You can see that the microphones are being replaced with the condenser microphone balance as the number goes higher.




Number 1 and 2 are dynamic microphones.
Number 3 and 4 are condenser microphones.
Can you hear the difference? If you listen carefully to the files you will hear the difference between a dynamic and a condenser microphone.
I believe you have understood enough.

So here’s today’s quiz.
You will be able to hear all four microphones. They are SM58, Beta58A, KSM9 and Monster7 Blue microphone. [Random order] This is a quiz to find the Monster7 Blue and KSM9 among the 4 different microphones.



HINT: KSM9 and Monster7 blue’s sounds are very very similar.
[ Very condenser balanced microphones. ]

It is less difficult than the last quiz, if you listen carefully then you will know.
Please write down your answers and send it to
Many great products are waiting for you.

please find correct answer

A. No1 : Monster7 Blue No2 : KSM9
B. No2 : Monster7 Blue No3 : KSM9
C. No3 : Monster7 Blue No4 : KSM9
D. No1 : Monster7 Blue No4 : KSM9

Answer format : The answer is [ ? ]

Sire launching event in Japan!

Our main man Marcus Miller using the Vintage V7 on a recent Sire launching event at Shimamura Pepe Shinjuku Store Japan.

Thank you for participating to test Monster7

Hello Everyone!

We thank you for those who participated as beta testers for the Sire Monster7 microphone. We will be sending emails for the lucky testers that we have chosen along with other instructions. In this email we will be needing some details so that we can ship it to your address as well. The Sire Company thanks everyone for their tremendous support and for our advocacy of Sire Revolution.


Recruit of Monster7 Beta Testers and Review Video Contest

Recruit of Monster7 Beta Testers and Review Video Contest

Finally the launch of Monster7 is just around the corner! We have prepared a special present for Sire families before the launch. Only 30 to 40 contestants will be selected for now but if there’s an active participation, we are happy to increase the number of contestants and provide the chance of experiencing Monster7 as much as possible.

We are expecting many will be participating. This contest will be selecting the contestants based on the availability of video production and then uploading to YouTube. This criteria is not a must but if a you are able to compare Monster7 and a microphone that you already own, the chance of you being selected will be higher. If video production is difficult for you, you can write in detail the experience of using Monster7 in the actual live stage and the chance of you being selected will be higher as well.

Monster7 bulk pack[15 microphones ] will be given to 5 testers(best video or review) in YouTube selected by us.

Send an email to with information below. We will individually contact you if you’ve been selected.

Apply Form
1. Name :
2. The microphone you currently own. :
3. Are you able to make a video and upload to YouTube? :
4. Are you able to write a detailed review of using Monster7 in an actual live stage? :

Hey Sire Friends!

Hey Sire Friends!

We wanted to let new players know how the Sire V7 is used globally and reach as many bass players as possible. So every week, we will be featuring a Sire Friend along with their Sire V7 and share how awesome it is to own one!

So if you are a Sire Friend and interested to join, please do drop us a message over our Facebook page or send us an email(

Our heartfelt thanks to all our Sire Friends worldwide!

M7 Releases

Hey Sire Fans!

The long wait is over for the Sire Marcus Miller M7 Series! Sire Guitars has been working hard to ensure the top quality this bass has to offer. Please check out the specifications of this new model below.


Body Material : Alder/Ash with Solidtop Flame Maple Wood
Body Shape : New Modern Bass
Body Color : TBK(Transparent Black) and NT(natural) for Ash Models, BR (Brown) and TBL (Transparent Blue) for the Alder Models all under Satin Finish

Neck Material : Hard Maple
Neck Shape : C-Shape
Scale : 34’/35′ ( For 5 string 35′ for clear low B )
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius : 12”
Frets : Medium , 24 Frets
String Nut : Bone Nut
Inlay : White Pearl Dot
Neck Joint : 4/5 Bolt Individual Dot ( 5 hole for 5 string )

Pickups : Marcus Miller pure humbucker (MMPH set )
Electronics : Marcus Miller Heritage- 3 with Middle Frequency Control
Controls : Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive ), Three way switch per pickup (Series Mode, Parallel Mode and Single Coil Mode)
Knobs: Modern Black

Bridge : Marcus Miller Custom Big Mass2 Bridge (String-Thru Body option Bridge)
Tuning Gear : Sire Diecasting Gear
Hardware Finish : Black
Pickguard: None

We hope to offer a new set of sound and feel for our humbucker players, that will give them the ability to switch from series mode, parallel mode up to the single coil option for this bass. Please don’t forget that the wood grain characteristics can be different from each bass. The availability of the M7 series will be announced through your respective regions via our website. We would like to thank our players worldwide for your patience with us and for supporting Sire Guitars.


The Sire Team

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Sire Indonesia Sire Japan Sire Korea Sire Thailand Sire Malaysia

PS- knobs can be changed into black satin in the future.

Here is something from Bakis14's youtube channel

Hey Bass Players!

Here is something from Bakis14’s youtube channel that features our Sire Marcus Miller V7 Alder four string. We truly appreciate all our players out there who used our basses with their video demos. None of our vision will be reality if it were not for our players. Thank you everyone for making Sire Revolution possible!

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Check out May Patcharapong's cover of Marcus Miller's "Blast"

Hey Bass Players!

Check out May Patcharapong’s cover of Marcus Miller’s “Blast”. Here is our Sire V7 four string white blonde in action in this video. It is never to hard to get your favorite Marcus Miller tone and other tonal options with the Sire Marcus Miller V7 bass. A low cost bass with a high quality features that bass players can get over a higher priced instruments.

Wow Davie504 is seen in his video using the Sire V7 five string bass!

Wow Davie504 is seen in his video using the Sire V7 five string bass! Davie504 is known for making awesome youtube bass videos and we thank him for his support to Sire Guitars. Here you can hear the tone coming from our Alder V7 5 string especially how articulate the B string is. Our heartfelt thanks again Davie!

Sire M3 Review, Demo and Tone Test

Hello Bass Players!

For those who are asking for a review about the M3, here it is. Check out “Bully ThaKidd’s” video about the M3 bass. This will give you some insights on how it sounds like on different settings and especially for someone who is looking for a humbucker tone. We thank everyone who chose Sire Guitars as there gear for creating music. Happy grooving everyone!