Maarten Plukker - Netherlands

My name is Maarten Plukker, I’m from Alkmaar, a city in The Netherlands above Asmterdam and I’m 24 years old. In recent years I have played in several bands, Theatre productions  such as “Hairspray” and “Little Shop Of Horrors”, studied at the Conservatory in Haarlem and currently I play bass with Grapevine Collection and I have my own Youtube-channel.

I was on Youtube looking at several Marcus Miller videos, then I saw a video of him holding the Sire Bass which interested me because it wasn’t his Fender, this was something different. After watching the video, I realised this bass was going to change things. A couple of months later when I bought the bass, I realised this was the instrument I had been waiting for so long, the action, the sound, the weight and the overall feel of this bass were plain perfect.

I started playing bass at the age of 15, and I listen a lot to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flea became a huge inspiration for me. Back in 2007, the whole Post Punk Revival started and bands as Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes were some of my favorite bands back then.

I play bass with Grapevine Collection, a Electro-Funk band from The Netherlands. We draw inspiration from several Funk/Soul acts such as Motown, Chic and Tower Of Power, but we add some modern electronic sounds from Jamiroquai and add some high-level musicianship from Toto. We don’t aim target one specific demographic group, we’ve seen people dance at our gigs who are between 16 and 65. We make “Music that makes you wanna dance!”

My influences are divided in three parts: In the beginning bands as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Arctic Monkeys and Muse were my favourite acts and I studied a lot of basslines from these people. Later on I had my “vintage” period: I started to discover The Beatles, The Who, Deep Purple and many classic rock acts, I wanted to play on huge SVT stacks. Now in my “recent” part, I discovered Motown, soul and the jazz/funk music. This all started when I studied at the conservatory in Haarlem. it was then that I realised how important the bass guitar really is. Without bass, music has no soul. I also started listening to “studio bands” such as Steely Dan and Toto. Their level of musicianship inspire me a lot. When it comes to bass players: James Jamerson, Francis Rocco Prestia, Flea, Bernard Edwards, Stuart Zender and Derek Forbes (Simple Minds, the basslines on their earlier albums are brilliant) are my main influences.

I’ve played at various bars and venues in The Netherlands with a lot of wonderful people, doing live performances always make me happy and I love to see the audience dance and have a good time. Last summer we (Grapevine Collection) were playing at “Rock en Morvan” in France, people were stunned to see a band that came all the way from The Netherlands giving such an energetic performance. It’s amazing to see hundreds and hundreds of people having a good time when you are playing your songs that you have written!

With Grapevine Collection we write our own music, sometimes it’s a jam that creates the song, otherwise someone has written something and we work with that. If there is a song that gives me energy and inspiriation everytime I listen to it or play it, it has to be “Cosmic Girl” by Jamiroquai, that bassline brings a smile on my face everytime.

Jackie Clark - USA

My name is Jackie Clark and I’m from Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve pretty much been a working bassist (live and studio) here in Memphis and around the world for the last 15 years. I’m currently working on my 1st solo project entitled Sunday Vibe that will feature my Sire V7 on a few tunes!

I was introduced to Sire basses through Jaquo lll-X and Marcus Miller at winter NAMM 2015. My 1st impression was there was no way this caliber bass is only $599 and how can I get one!

I played piano from age 6 to 12 I started playing bass at age 13…My mother had a gospel singing group that had 2 incredible bassists! (William Bell and James Kinard) Watching them made me want to learn the bass! My mom eventually bought my 1st bass (’74 Fender jazz)

Some of musical influences on bass are: Leroy Hodges (Al Green’s session bassist), Anthony Jackson, James Jameson, Willie Weeks, Jaco, Nathaniel Phillips, Nathan East, Lee Sklar, Geddy Lee…I love all styles/genres!

I’ve been a professional musician for nearly 20.years…I’ve played for numerous artists like Shirley Caesar, Mya, Dionne Warwick, Angie Stone, Shalamar, Howard Hewett, Denise Williams, Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics…when I’m not on the road, I play locally 5-6.nights a week.

The bass clef logo and Bass Pimp shirts are products of Lathon Bass wear that I proudly endorse! The bass pimp shirts are a creation of Gordon Spencer, who happens to dress like the photo on the shirt, when he plays gigs!

I’ve been able to your world as well as play live locally for some time now…always fun to play for live audiences wherever it happens to be!

I absolutely care about having great tone whenever I play…of course it starts with my hands but having an instrument like my V7 definitely makes things easier!!

Music is one of our greatest forms of communication…it’s much more than just entertainment. It’s like a spiritual experience…even a healing aid at times!

My suggestion would be to continue with the great quality control…this is by far the best bass in its price range…HANDS DOWN!!! I absolutely LOVE my Sire V7 bass!!!

Jauqo III-X - USA

Tell us about yourself and what you’ve been up to these last few years?

My name is Jauqo III-X and I am a bass player, I lead my own band as well as perform with other artists and I also do sessions.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I reached out to Sire because I was sincerely curious about the quality in relation to price. And when I first saw a Sire V7 J bass I was seriously impressed with the overall quality, attention to detail and the extreme versatility of the preamp, a tiny turn on any knob brings some serious noticeable differences in sound and the fact that it could easily be going for double the price that Sire is offering them for. I feel equally the same about the Sire M3 model

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, please tell us briefly about your band

I am a professional bass sit and I am the leader of the band Jauqo III-X Reality, it’s a band with a very interesting sound that is heavily fueled by groove.

When and why did you start playing bass? What kind of music do you play?

I was always drawn to sound of the bass and I was 16 years old when I finally took the dive. I play pretty much every genre you can imagine.

I have seen on your Facebook photo which has “YES, I REALLY DO HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.” Could you tell us more about that?

I am known for having some very good hearing and I can hear the things that get past most others but when it comes to the Sire the quality of sound is not that hard to discern, a very nice sounding bass.

I have seen that you have another name Jauqo IIIX reality. Could you tell us what is Jauqo IIIX reality?

Jauqo III-X Reality is the name of my band, it’s a very interesting sounding band with strong elements of Funk, improvisation and other musical genre elements.

Do you compose or produce your own music? Please give us your favorite song which defines yourself?

I do produce and compose my own music but to choose a favorite song that could define who I am would be really tough.

What does music mean to you and to the world in your opinion?

Music has been there for me at my lowest and music is a constant reminder that it will always be there for me and without music there may never exist any beautiful souls in the world. Music is definitely beyond healing.

Adam Dorn (Mocean Worker) - USA

I’m a recording artist and a composer for TV and Film. I started playing bass at the age of 15. I got my start in the business at a very young age. It’s basically all I’ve ever done. About 4 years ago my family and I decided to move to LA from New York and since that move I have begun to work on a lot of different film and tv projects. Its been quite amazing actually. I wrote the musical score for the documentary “Richard Pryor-Omit The Logic” which won an NAACP award. I co-wrote the end titles for a TV series called “Better Call Saul” which is the prequel to “Breaking Bad”. (I also play bass on all the cues for the series).  I’ve recently released my 8th album as a recording artist. “Mocean Worker” is the title of this album and it features me playing bass for the first time on my own music. I never really felt like real bass playing fit on my music as it’s heavily electronic and dance oriented. I was wrong. This new album has a new life and organic feel that only a real bass can bring. This sudden confidence in my bass playing came as a result of co-writing a song with Marcus Miller for his new album “Afrodeezia”. The song “I Can’t Breath” is a co-write between Marcus.Chuck D (from Public Enemy. And Myself). There’s a breakdown section where I put a temporary bass line in thinking Marcus would replace it. When he said “I think that sounds good, keep it” I kind of said to myself “My favorite bass player ever just told me to keep my bass part on his album”. I don’t know it just gave me a confidence I hadn’t had in a while about my playing. As I finished the writing of my new album I just sort of played bass on everything. I wanted the core of the music to be centered on bass. That’s where the SIRE V7 bass comes in. I played my alder V7 on 4 tunes on the album. “Punk Disco(Jaco)” (A tribute to Jaco Pastorius) ,  “Clap Yo Hands(Mtume)” , “Ralph And Marcus” (A tribute to Marcus and legendary percussionist Ralph MacDonald) and “Julius,Irving,Berlin” all feature a variety of styles and sounds coming from this amazing instrument.  I should note that Ive known Marcus for 30 years. When I was 16 I wrote him a letter and he answered it by calling me and invitng me to hang out in the studio with him so I could watch and learn. That turned into a 3 year apprenticeship. A very unique life changing couple of years for me. I just sat there and took notes. Watched and learned. So that’s a big part of who and what I am. When I started making music though I wanted to separate that experience and the experience I had as a bass player. I wanted to find my own voice as an artist. I think I have. Now that I have putting my bass playing into that voice is an incredible experience that I hope to continue building.

When I was in the studio with Marcus working on “Afrodeezia” I noticed that he had 3 prototype V7 basses there. I played one of the Ash models and loved the feel of it. I didn’t get a chance at that time to plug into an amp or go direct into the computer but I could tell simply by playing the instrument that it was something special, I instantly thought the bass would be in the $2500 price range. When I finally got my hands on my V7 Alder model and plugged it in and started recording with it I was blown away. The sound, the feel , the quality. Just , top notch. I don’t remember the last time I even thought about the cost. That’s old news. Now I just think of this instrument as my instrument. Its an amazing instrument that any musician of any level could enjoy. I have been looking for a bass with this sound and feel for years. I finally found it! Im happy to report that locally where I live I was able to donate my other V7 bass to a 12 year old female student who couldn’t afford to get a bass. I made the donation just the other day in person and to see the smile on the face of a young musician getting her first instrument was worth everything to me. The fact that Sire and Marcus have a goal of getting these amazing instruments into the hands of young musicians is really what seals the deal for me. That I could take one of my own instruments and give it to someone that wanted and needed it was a great feeling.  That the basses themselves are also worthy of being used in almost any professional application is just incredible. From Student to the highest level professional you’re talking about a game changing instrument here. I’ve never seen something like this in my 30+ years of playing bass. Its amazing.

Mocean Worker ( pronounced like the english word “Motion”) really is a play on words. I originally wanted to use the regular spelling “Motion Worker” but I soon realized there was a software company that had that name and I didnt want to copy

them or risk any kind of legal action. I just had the idea that putting the letter M in front of the word “Ocean” had the same sounding result. Mocean Worker is meant to imply rhythm , and movement. Worker is used to give a sense of being in the

middle of things, down in the groove so to speak. A man behind the scenes working with sound.

“In the beginning there was funk” is my way of saying the very first music I was drawn to and wanted to learn was Funk and R&B music. I’ve always been drawn to funk and jazz. This new album “Mocean Worker”  is a rediscovery of a lot of things for me musically. The fact that I play the kind of style of bass on it is for me new ground.  This style of music mixed with this style of bass playing is sort of not done a lot. I hope it inspires younger players to mix things up.

I’ve been very fortunate since starting my career as a recording artist. This current album (“Mocean Worker”)  is my 8th (I had a 7th album come out exclusively in Japan in 2014 called “It’s Pronounced Motion” a kind of Greatest hits). The style of music that I do has settled into a kind of mixture of 1930’s swing and 1970’s funk. My two original albums were strictly done in the style of Drum and Bass music. My third album is a very breakbeat kind of house combination. When I started using the nickname “MOWO!” ( which is just a short easier way of saying MOcean WOrker ) the music changed a lot. Albums 4 through 7 are very much centered and focused on one sound. Folks in Europe call it Electro-Swing. I was one of the first producers to actually make music in this style. Mr. C and I were probably the first producers to really do this. Since then artists like Parov Stellar and Caravan Palace have become very popular ( especially in Europe ). The United States doesn’t have a scene like this. Jazz was invented in the US and yet it seems to be far more successful in Japan, Korea, France and Germany. I take pride in being a U.S. based electronic musician that really infused jazz into my sound. My music has appeared in films like “Devil Wears Prada” and “The Bourne Supremacy” and tv shows like “CSI” and “Six Feet Under” and  “Better Call Saul”.  I’ve been very fortunate for sure to have a career that has me producing, remixing, composing and also being a recording artist. These are different times now in music. If you have a skill. Use it!

It’s all part of a journey in a way. I don’t think one thing is more important than any other in terms of skills. I love DJ’ing. I think it helps that Im a musician when I DJ for example. As an arranger I think Im greatly helped when I do remixes as arranging skills are key in putting together a remix of someone else’s song. Your essentially making a new record so you need to also know how to produce. Its all very connected. Im constantly trying to learn new things and develop new skills. If I don’t I think I will find myself not working.

I really want to start DJ’ing more. I find this to be a lot of fun. I want to incorporate my bass playing into my DJ sets too as to make the DJ’ing more musical. I’ve never seen it done or rather I’ve never seen it done the way I would like it to be done!

I want to continue to make albums as Mocean Worker. They’re a lot of fun to do. While this latest album of mine features no guests in the past I have been fortunate to have Marcus Miller, Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter, Bono, David Fathead Newman , Les McCann , Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Houston Person among many many others appear as guests. Its a lot of fun to bring other musicians into my own music. I love that sense of community. Ultimately I’d love to have a live band again. Its just not feasible right now.

This is a very difficult question for me to answer. Music means everything to me. Its the center of my being. Currently music is something that I think is a little misunderstood around the world. People think music is something that is just there, that its free. The internet has created a confusing situation for music and music makers. The general world population thinks that music is just all around them and free to consume. This makes life very very hard for people that want to pursue a career making music. Music isn’t something that’s free per se but it is something that is in everybody’s life. I hope that as music subscription services grow people understand that paying $9.99 a month ( or whatever their local currency is) as a subscription price will hopefully guarantee that great music will continue to get made. If people cannot making a living making music they will no longer produce music. Sure they might make music for the fun of it but not on a level where it will be heard world wide and inspire other people to create their own music and pursue their musical dreams. I think these are confusing times in the short term. Hopefully some things will become more stable for music creators. I have a lot of hope for this scenario.

Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong (May) - Thailand

My name is Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong (May) and I am a professional musician. My first instrument is a drum set. I first played bass when I was 16, because a bass player in my band quitted. So I had to be a substitute. I didn’t like playing bass at first, but now I love it.

I heard about Sire Bass from Youtube. I’ve been following Marcus Miller for a while because he’s my idol and has inspired me to play bass. -When I first played Sire Bass, I was impressed with the feeling when slapping. The neck felt just right. -I’ve owned 15 basses, including Sire Bass V7. Personally, I think Sire is the best bang for the buck. It’s just fun to play, especially for people who like slapping. I think Sire is one of the most funs to do slapping

Now, I’m producing my own album, “BURN” by May Patcharapong. It should be out soon. You can view my work on Youtube, or support us through Itune. On top of that, I have a band that does back-up music for both Thai and international artists. I’ve been working with many Thai famous artists such as, New-Jiw, Nueng Aphiwat, Nueng Jakrawan, Ko Mr. Saxman, Tu Nuntida, Mint Maliwan, Singto Namchok, Golf Pichaya, To Saksit, Pod Moderndog, Dom The Star, Kam The Star, Gunt The Star, and Palmy. International artists that I’ve worked with are Jakob Dinesen, Frank Herrgott, Erik Hargrove, Philippe Sellam. I also have recorded with Ao Seksan, Nueng Jakrawan, Nueng Aphiwat, Bell Supol, Kop Taxi

I don’t have a specific goal for numbers of view. I do it for fun. I feel great and am quite surprised that there’re many people following my work.

James Werts - Estonia

James Werts, Tallinn Estonia (originally from Detroit Michigan)

I started playing the bass guitar at the age of 12 years old. I started playing after a friend of mine who was 10 years old at the time (he played guitar and bass) taught me a few baselines lines to play. I also had drum lessons in Jr and high school.

My first impression when playing the SIRE Marcus Miller V7 bass guitar for the first time was I took it from the box and without trying it out at home, I took it without a backup bass guitar and I was in total shock. My reaction from the first note I played had me saying….”Oh, this is it”.

Drums were my first bought instrument as a 11 years old kid. I saved up money from my summer job and bought a used set. Very durable set which came with 2 cymbals, hi hat, 2 toms, 1 floor tom, 1 bass drum and hardware.

I have 4 bass guitars. 3 electric jazz basses and 1 semi acoustic bass guitar. My first love was my special made “Pavel Jazz Deluxe 5” (3), then came my Fender MIM jazz bass (2) and now I’m in love with number 1, my SIRE Marcus Miller V7 jazz bass.

 The MM V7 is my main “Go to” bass guitar now. Knowing what my other two electric basses can do, once I plugged in the MM V7, that warm vintage sound that I was looking for in the other high-end basses, the MM V7 provided just that. And the bass guitar SIRE didn’t stop there, it also provided me with a great modern tone. Crisp high-end with a growl. And a passive mood is probably what every vintage jazz bassist imagine what they want and should have in their jazz bass(s) sound.

I virtually practice at least 5 days a week. Mostly at home and at night (headphones). And most of the time it’s only me. As I tend to keep the practice time I have for myself. My practice time ranges from 2-3 hours a night. Mainly working on songs, chops. I am also performing at least 3 to 4 days a week as well.

New tunes (original, covers), semi hard tunes and various genres from Jazz, Funk, Pop, Hip hop, Brazilian, African, Gospel.

I perform in public. Our band tends to draw a large audience who are ready to dance and have a great time. We performed many concerts in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Hong Kong and Russia.   Am I famous in this country? Let’s just say that they (the people) think I’m famous, I don’t think so. I am known throughout Estonia and parts of Latvia, whether from TV, radio, magazine interviews in the music genre. :)

I don’t make mistakes!!!! Hahahaha! I can cleverly disguise my mistakes, right! Hahahahaha!

Self taught. I’ve since learned to read musical notes. But I have the ear which comes first in learning new tunes. Just other than my good friend Jesse teaching a blues bass line in my early days.

It’s not an over-night success for playing the bass. You have to dig in a start from the bottom in learning how to play the bass guitar. I suggest learning to read music as well. So be prepare to be hit with a lot of challenges in learning your bass guitar. And most of all, be sure this (bass guitar or any music instrument) is what you want. No regrets.

Jazz and funky jazz. Deep soulful R&B, groove tunes. 

Cory Henry on keys, Marcus Miller on bass, Kenny Garrett sax, Chris Coleman drums

As well all know music is the ultimate language where most everybody understands. In every genre of music around the world, each and every one of us truly can talk through music.

Music means a lot to me. It fulfill my thirst, and I’m always thirsty for music. Whether playing before a large audience or before a small group of people or even in my home practicing, I get the joy of spreading the ultimate language to many people and myself.

Start working on getting a bigger work staff to compete with the influx of bassists inquiring to buy themselves a Marcus Miller V7 bass. There’s a huge storm of bass guitarists coming, and they’re readying to buy your beautiful made bass guitars and guitar. SIRE and Marcus Miller just up’s the game!