Rob Silva - USA

My name is Rob Silva. I am a proud husband to a beautiful wife, and father to 2 awesome children. I recently relocated to Las Vegas, NV but I am originally from Makakilo, Hawaii (on the island of O’ahu). Not only am I a bassist, but I am also an ‘ukulele player and ‘ukulele teacher. I also have the heart to play the guitar, and love the drums. But bass and ‘ukulele are my priority. I’ve been playing music since I was a young boy.

These last few years, I have been playing bass and trying to learn more everyday about bass playing. I practice daily, and have been playing bass frequently with different bands and on my church worship team. I’ve also been teaching and playing my ‘ukulele.

I first heard about Sire Bass about a year ago when I saw bassist, Jackie Clark, playing it on-line. I then looked it up, did some research, and was excited to learn more about it when I found out Marcus Miller was a part of Sire Bass.

My first impression when I first played a Sire Bass was I thought this bass was so amazing, and it sounded as if I was playing a $1,000+ bass. Everything about this bass was everything I’ve been looking for in a bass because of its versatility. The built was a really impressive, the feel was very comfortable, and the look was sexy.

I first started playing the bass in 2005. I started playing because my brother-in-law needed a bass player for the worship team. My mom also needed a bass player for her hula halau band. Eventually, my wife and her sisters’ gospel group also needed a bassist. When I first picked up the bass, I fell in love because I loved being in that groove.

#Sire4Lyfe means that I will forever play a Sire Bass and be dedicated to the Sire family. I am content with Sire Basses and will never switch to another brand. This is the brand bass that I’ve held onto for the longest time.

My worship is to God. God gave me these talents and provided me my instruments, so I want to give back to Him what He blessed me with. When I am in worship, I play the bass with all my heart and enjoy the beautiful sound of the music being played.

Worship, Hawaiian, R&B, Neo Soul, Gospel, and Jazz.

I relocated to Las Vegas, NV from Hawai’i because Hawai’i was getting too expensive. I also wanted to give my children a better opportunity to experience more. But Hawai’i will always be home and where my heart is.

I think music can and has already done great things in this world. Music brings all different people from all over the world together. Music is something that everyone listens to.

Music to me is everything. It’s a comfort zone and a place of relaxation and peace.

Maybe just more apparel to advertise Sire (such as hats, shirts, etc.). Other than that, just keep doing what you do. Because for me, its “Sire4Lyfe

José Dantas - Portugal

My name is José Dantas who was born in 02/17/1958. Since I was young, I remember that music is my passion. In high school I had a group of closely linked friends who listened the music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Pink Floyd, Yes, Camel, and others. Then I decided to play music. At that time I played with various artists. Now a day I have my band “Four Shades of Blues” and still love to play in Jam session. Music is my first love.

I knew the Sire bass via YouTube. I saw a video of Marcus Miller and I was very curious, then I spoke with my friend who had bought three sire basses and told him that I would like to try this bass. But he said that “do not try to buy amazing ones”. Finally I bought it after I played it with ecstasy at first time. Let me tell you somethings, I have thirty basses already but this is the only one that has even the sounds I need in all situations.

It was in 1972 that I fell in love with music. At that time I asked for a guitar from my uncle and he sent a Braguesa guitar. It is 10 strings Portuguese regional guitar. But I still didn’t know how I took with 10 strings. So I let them become only four and started to follow the blues radio program. At that moment I became a bassist by accidentally. In high school in 1973 I had my first band and performance with kind of blues song. Until I came to music school where I studied music. I found that so many bands played as we did.

One of the bands is a project of the great artist “Mila Ferreira” who love participate in music director. And “The Four Shades of Blues” is biggest bet in my music path. It is beginning now. We will launch our first single soon.

For our Project with “Mila Ferreira”, we will keep continue to promote new songs. And launch “the Four Shades of Blues” internationally.

The first time was in high school community with my blues band. I was so nervous to play the first note but after that it was beautiful unforgettable moment!

Music is life, feeling and sharing. No need a competition.

Continue your fantastic philosophy and work Best Regards.

Humberto Miquilena - Venezuela

I was born in Maracaibo, a city on the west of Venezuela, at 13 years old me and my family moved to Caracas, there I finished my high school and later Graphic Design, since 2013 I establish in Bucharest-Romania which I became the bass player on the Tavi Colen Band.

Well, I was playing for years a fender precision bass, when I started to play here in Romania with Tavi Colen Band. I realized that I needed an instrument according to the style of music what I’m playing, a versatile instrument with attitude and also affordable, so I talked to a friend who live in the USA and he recommended me the New Sire Marcus Miller bass with good quality and price, that’s when I found here in Europe by Thomman and I bought it! The pre-amp is amazing and the construction quality, I can play any style of music with this bass!

I started to play the bass at 17 when I bought my first bass, when I heard the sound of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden then I decided to play the bass.

The typical music of my country is called JOROPO also we have variety and is a mixture of European, south American and African culture, which is very rich and colorful in harmonies, I love it! But I was hooked by rock and progressive music which is my influence. Now I play a combination of traditional music from Romania, combined with rock and classical music.

Of course! Music can make you cry, can make you laugh, inspire new young musicians, music can change peoples life.

Everything is my job, my passion, what I do, it is what I love, I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with music in my head!

Keep going supporting new musicians with quality instruments.

Álvaro Sovero - Peru

I began playing the guitar at age 9. A few weeks before turning 11, I started to play the electric bass, and I’ve been playing the double bass since I was 17. Since the moment I started playing music until now, I’ve never stopped. Later on, I entered UPC university, and I studied music composition. In 2014, I contacted Oscar Stagnaro to fulfill a dream many Peruvian bass players had always had: organize the first bass day called “Bass En Vivo Perú”. We haven’t stopped ever since.

This year I have started working as an artist for the Italian amplifiers “Markbass”, the pickups “EMG”, and the incredible babybass “Corvann” from Medellín, Colombia. In 2014 I recorded my first production called “Enrumbado”, in which incredible musicians like Alex Acuña participated. Currently I’m working on the pre production of my second CD which will be called “Bajo El Perú.”

Last year I found out about the basses “Sire” through Marcus Millers’s Facebook fan page, and I noticed they had something special. I did some research on Facebook and YouTube. When I saw the video in which Marcus was playing it at NAMM 2015, my jaw just dropped. Then when I saw the prices on the internet I couldn’t believe it, so I got mine: a V7 4NT. When I had it in my hands, I couldn’t believe it. The wood finish was impeccable. I could immediately see, even before plugging it, that it was a bass that should cost much more. However, after I saw Marcus’s video, and understood Sire’s mission, everything was clear to me. If I had received a bass like this when I started playing at age 11, I wouldn’t have had doubts that this was going to be the instrument I would play for the rest of my life. Later I plugged it to my super amplifier “Markbass”, and it was just amazing. The sound in passive mode was very warm in both pickups, with and without tone. When I plugged both batteries to start using the pre amp, my head just exploded. It seemed just impossible for this bass to be so inexpensive. The range of highs and lows was amazing. The mids, regarding frequency as well as volume, were perfect, very versatile to play from Jaco to Marcus, from Junk or Rock to Jazz, from doing slaps to using fingers.

I started in my church since I was a kid, and I began serving in the worship team, and this is something I haven’t stopped doing. The bass was the instrument I always felt passionate about, even when i still couldn’t understand it’s function in a band, nor its low and deep sound. That’s how I started, then I studied with all the instructors I could in Lima, and I even used tutorials on YouTube to learn; and I’m still doing so because that’s the only way to continue growing.

Without a doubt, Patitucci. I remember my father once brought my first bass from a trip, and it was a black Ibanez Gio of 6 strings. I thought he had made a mistake and that he had probably wanted to buy a guitar. But he said to me they had told him it was a bass. That’s why I went to the store where they sold VHS music tutorials to play basses of 6 strings. When i asked for one, they gave me the one of Patitucci. When I went back home, and played the video, I saw his version of Bach’s Prelude in G major for a 6-string bass, played with his Ken Smith, and I fell in love with that instrument. I’ve also been influenced by artists like Abraham Laboriel, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Oscar Stagnaro, Steve Bailey, Richard Bona, Hadrien Feraud, Emmanuel Espinoza, Jorge Roeder, Wojtek Polichowski, Alex Acuña, Gigio Parodi, Chick Corea, among others.

Yes, I have studied music. I’m a professional. At age 14 I had the great honor to play with Alex Acuña. I was also part of Gianmarco Zignago’s band, a Peruvian singer who has won the “Latin Grammy” three times. Because of him, I could play with artists such as Alex Lora (from El Tri – Mexico), Noel Schajris, Diego Torres, Natalia Jiménez (former lead voice – La Quinta Estación), Eva Ayllón, Lucho Quequezana, Amaury Gutiérrez, Luis Enrique, Fonseca, Mónica Manccini, Manuel Mijares, Alberto Plaza, among others. I’ve also played with Magaly Solier (nominated – Oscar 2010), Pilar de la Hoz, Anna Carina, Chaqueta Piaggio, the reality show “The Voice – Perú”. I’ve also played with my bands “Numen” (jazz, rock, funk), and Enrumbando (my first Cd). I’ve also played with Christian artists such as Edgar Lira, Alex Sampedro, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Jacobo Ramos, Danilo Montero, and Marcos Witt.

Being a bass player and a composer complement each other. I compose most of my music in my bass or double bass. However, I also devote some of my time to produce some CDs, or organize musical events like “Bass en Vivo” which is a bass day in my country with workshops for musicians and concerts. Enrumbando is my first CD and I dreamt of it since I was a teenager. It contains 10 songs, 9 of them are my compositions, and one of them is a Christian hymn called “How Great Thou Art” or “Cuán Grande Es Él” in Spanish. In this CD you will find Rumba Flamenca, Bossa Nova, Funk, Latin Jazz, and Peruvian rhythms as Vals, Landó, Zamacueca, Marinera, Festejo, and Panalivio. Great musicians were part of this production. Jesus “El Viejo” Rodríguez (musical producer of The Voice – Perú) was in charge of the recording and mix. What I wanted to show in this CD was what I had inside as a composer, all the musical genres that I had learned during all these years until that moment. In this link, you can see the EPK of “Enrumbando.”

I really feel blessed to have been born in this land so rich in music, in their cuisine, and turism. In Perú there are many genres. In the coast, the music is characterized by the use of percussion, like in “Festejo”, “Landó”, “Tondero”, “Marinera”, “Vals Criollo”, “Zamacueca”, “Panalivio”, among others. The highlands also have a great variety of Huaynos which vary depending on the region they belong to. We have “Carnavales”, “Danza de Tijeras”, “Sicuri”, and others. In the Altiplano in Perú we have “Tuntuna or Saya”. The jungle also has genres that are yet to be discovered and shown to the world. I like to play all the genres of my country. I learn a lot from them. I also love jazz, Brazilian music, and AfroCaribbean music.

Without a doubt. Music is not a sport to compete, but art to share, says Abraham Laboriel. When you make music, whatever you are planning to use it for, it needs people working together with one purpose: to create a song or work for it. That’s what the world needs to learn. We should come together as one to make this world a better place.

For me, music is a gift from GOD. It has His characteristics. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but if you can feel it, it will feed your soul. A Greek sculpture or statue can be seen, even if it has been made hundreds of years ago. Even though many years have passed by, you can go to a museum and appreciate La Monalisa of DaVinci. You can’t do that with music. We have no idea how the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven sounded in its time. Sometimes I even think if the best bass solos have ever been recorded, because if they haven’t, then just the people who were there the moment it happened could enjoy it. Music needs time to exist. Without a doubt, music is one of the best creations of GOD, and one of His greatest gifts to all of us.

Just to thank “Sire Guitars” for making me part of the family. Thank them as well for this great vision of making the basses available for everyone at affordable prices. Don’t stop this great work. Go for more!

Baybars Konuralp - Turkey

I am 39 years old and I live in Turkey I’m doing as a professional musician for 20 years.During this time many musical styles and musicians had the opportunity to work.

I’m introducing Siri Marcus Miller Bass and because of that before leaving the brand endorser.From that moment I began to follow sound samples and videos on the internet.

For me the combination of wood and electronic circuits is very important and I play these instruments career I would be very careful.I listen to audio samples of voices sounded so good,Once purchased Siri Bass signal which is sent to the mixer I saw an incredibly beautiful

Even as a small boy, I heard a man playing bass guitar magnificent,When I later learned that the man should play the bass guitarist Jaco Pastorius that I thought at that time I was 12 years old …

Full-time bass player Jaco Pastorius with the best then Marcus Miller,Nathan East,Anthony Jackson…In my own country İsmail Soyberk,Raci Pismisoglu,Nurhat Sensesli,Ahmet Guvenc

I’m a professional musician, I play bass guitar in the band Pandora groups in Turkey in the last five years, On the road constantly and with this group

We’re playing with Pop-Rock Group.April 2015, we gave a concert twice with Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra really incredibly excellent and memorable performance

Music in Turkey is divided into eastern and western music.Sounds of Turkish music is wide, 4 coma In Western music has 4.5 coma width.The main instruments in Turkish music: Oud, the kanun, violin, flute, drum, lute, fiddle classic, rebaba, dulcimer, kudüm, tambourine and cymbals.

We play together with the pop-rock group.

Music is something universal,Even without knowing the language understood by the music of people in other countries.I think world music is the common language.

Music is my life, my dreams and my freedom.

Very nice price and performance.To the Sire Guitars family, thank you for all you do for us as musicians.anything spectacular…

Rama Lesmana Natanael – Indonesia

Hi I am Rama Lesmana Natanael. I currently live at Jakarta, Indonesia. I graduated from law school but music has always been my special joy that made me as a full time musician now. I am a bassist for local artists and I’ve been working with on some gospel albums with various artists and a Christmas album which I played my Sire V7 there.

I saw Sire for the first time from Marcus Miller’s Facebook post. With my curiosity of a big name of Marcus Miller and the fact that it is made in Indonesia I ordered my first Sire V7 4 string.  My only first impression was the unbelief that I play a cheap bass with a boutique quality in my hands, and it is made in Indonesia.

Drums is my first instrument when I was 13 years old that I played in a small church in Magetan my hometown. Not long after that, whenever I play the drums the neighbors next to my church often complained and even stoned my church, that forced me to switch to an instrument that still has a closer connection with the drums and Voila, I practice my first bass on my acoustic guitars until I could afford my first bass guitar.

My first & still until now bassist influence is Abraham Laboriel, Sr. Now, many gospel musicians such as Andrew Gouche, Maurice Fitzgerald, Ethan Farmer, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Phil Perry, Ledisi and many more have developed my music.

I’ve been playing music from 13 years old and I’ve played for an American gospel singer Ricardo Sanchez, Bona Pascal, Anthonie & Friends, Soulla Sisters, Jakarta Tabernacle Choir, Aldisyah, Sierra Latupeirrisa and various local artists.

Yes I’ve played for live TV shows, gospel events, wedding gigs, local artists showcases and many more. Many songs that define my music, some are Israel Houghton, Phil Perry, Ledisi, Clark Sisters, Gerald Albright, Lalah Hathaway, Kim Burrel.

Indonesian music is as various as the people. We have many different tribes with the different cultures. There are Balinese, Javanese, Ambonese and many interesting traditional music. Whenever you hear of Gamelan, Suling (Similar as flute), Angklung, Kulintang, Sape they are originally from Indonesia. Maybe one of the best young musicians that represent Indonesian Music I could name where my brother is the drummer is “G5” which is a runner up band for Asian Beat 2015 Japan, my brother is also playing the Sire V7 5 string. I play every genre there is that needs a bass, I think this is what a bassist should be, mastering and playing many genres.

No doubt with that. Music can trespass every barrier in this world and make a change.

Music is part of my life as the breath I take. Cannot imagine the world without music.

Keep making great instruments with boutique quality with an affordable price. I need Sire 6 string!!!And please make with the Ebony board.

Jorge Burgos Jr. - USA

My name is Jorge Burgos Jr & I’m 50 yrs old. Born & raised in the windy city of Chicago, I’ll. I’m a security officer & work security at a bank. The last few yrs I’ve been working on my bass project titled Mission Possible.

I first heard of sire basses when I found out  that Marcus Miller was endorsing the new bass. I suddenly saw that fender stopped making his jazz bass so I went on YouTube to find out more about sire basses. I heard a couple of demos so I said to myself that I had to get this bass. If Marcus gave it a thumbs up than I knew for sure it had to be good.
I ordered one & I simply loved it. The sound, construction, & the feel.

Like most bass players, I started out as a drummer in 1976-77. But the bass guitar for some reason always fascinated me. I started playing bass in the fall of 1979.

I used to be part of a band named Caravan 2:11
back from 200-2003. The band ended because a couple of members got married & the rest did their own projects. It was a contemporary Christian band.
Currently, I’m not part of a band. I was also a part of a worship team at the church I formally attended. Now currently I do some studio work occasionally.

I’d would like to keep pushing forward my current release & make a CD release concert. Also, to be a part of other music shows.

I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of several concerts & park festivals over the yrs. Sometimes I do small restaurant gigs as well.

My main influences are Marcus Miller, John Patitucci, Jacob pastorius & Nathan East.

My bass project “Mission Possible” is of course, a bass centered project, instrumental.  It took me about 9.5 yrs to finish.

Some of the tracks I composed/produced. A few others are tracks that I used with permission from some friends of mine. My insperation to do my project was of course jaco’s 1976 release but also John patitucci’s “On the corner release.

Vuyani Wakaba - South Africa

Please tell us briefly about yourself? And what you’ve been up to these last few years?

I’m originally from Soweto, a metropolitan part of Johannesburg, South Africa.  I currently live and work as a bassist in Chicago, Illinois.  Most of the work I do is as a freelance sideman with various bands.  I lead my own band, Vuyani Wakaba & Friends, which usually performs at various bass events around the United States.  In addition to playing live, I also get called to teach and to play on recording sessions.  I am a staff writer for Bass Musician Magazine.  I have also worked with a few music equipment manufacturing companies on product development or prototype testing.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I first got introduced to the Sire V7 by Chicago Bassist Jauqo III-X at the 2015 Winter Namm in Anaheim, CA.  The first thing I noticed was the fantastic quality of workmanship.  The bass was flawless!  Once he told me how much it cost, I couldn’t believe it!  I played it acoustically, since there wasn’t an amp available where we were.  It had a great natural acoustic sound!  That’s when I decided I needed to get one of my own.

When and how did you start playing bass?

I came late to the bass.  I started playing the bass at the age of 27.  All my life my ears tended to focus on bass lines when I listened to music.  Of course, at the time I didn’t know they were bass lines.  One day, I decided out of curiosity to try to learn how to play the bass.  I didn’t have one, so I knew I’d have to find one to buy or borrow.  By complete coincidence, that very same morning, a co-worker of mine asked to borrow some money to get his bass guitar out of the pawn shop.  In return, he’d let me keep the bass until he could pay me back.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  I jumped at the chance!  That’s how I started playing a half scale metallic blue Memphis bass.  After a month of playing my friend’s bass, I knew I had to get a bass of my own.

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, would you tell us about your music career?

Currently, I’m not a part of a band, however, I do play professionally.  As I mentioned earlier, I am freelancing with various bands at the moment.  The last band I in was lead by Chicago blues legend and Delmark Records recording artist Eddie C. Campbell.  After some serious health challenges prevented him from touring and performing, I decided to remain independent and work with a variety of bands around Chicago.

I read your biography, as you are from South Africa how do you feel living in Chicago, USA? Is your music influenced by African music?

I love living in Chicago!  The level of musicianship here is unbelievable!  On any given night, you can see and hear world class musicians playing here.  I’m just thankful that the family of musicians in Chicago has been so welcoming to me.


I’d like to think my playing is influenced by my South African heritage.  Music I heard growing up is still locked away in my mind.  I hear some harmonies in my head that can only be from my time living in South Africa.   My good friend, a brother to me, really, Paul Simon bassist Bakithi Kumalo, keeps suggesting that we put together a project that pays homage to the music of South Africa.  There are so many amazing musicians there!  Just to name a few bassists: Sibusiso Victor Masondo, Concord Nkabinde, the late Sipho Gumede, Fana Zulu, and many more!

Please tell us briefly, how did you become the founder of Chicago Rhythm Collective?

Back, before social networking was as prevalent as it is, it occurred to me that I live in one of the largest cities in the United States.  Music has always been one of the defining elements of Chicago.  However, most record labels, and most musicians often choose to consider cities like New York, Los Angeles,  Nashville or Austin to move to.  So, I felt that we needed to create something that would light the spotlight on Chicago.  Another reason I formed the Chicago Rhythm Collective was to put bass players and drummers together.  Often, we have bass clinics where drummers are not invited.   Drummers have drum clinics where bass players are not invited.  Interestingly, on stage, we have to work together.  So, my thought was, why not put together clinics, events, etc., that bring both bass players and drummers together?  We had a great run as a group.  We featured music workshops, studio workshops, etc.  This collective has since been disbanded and folded into the Chicago Bass Players page on Facebook.

How can you manage your time for practicing the music as you are also a Civil Engineering Tech?

It’s all about time management and setting your priorities.  I have to add, I also have an incredible and understanding wife who supports my interests in the things that are important to me.  On an average evening, I’ll get off work, go to the gym for a couple of hours, then I’ll get home to spend time with my family.  Late in the evening, I’ll go down to my basement studio and begin my practicing.

Do you think the Music can do something to this world?

Absolutely!  Music crosses all borders, cultures and languages.   I once had an unforgettable experience at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom.  This experience started on a flight I boarded in St. Louis, Missouri.  I saw a young guy carrying a bass case, and since I was a very curious new bass player, I went over and tried to talk to him.  It turns out he only the French language, which I don’t speak.  So, we exchanged a few improvised hand gestures with each other.  We then boarded the flight, and I went to my seat and promptly forgot the incident.  When we landed at Heathrow, the young Frenchman was waiting for me with his bass.  He motioned for me to follow him to a seating area.  He pulled the bass out and began to play some Reggae bass lines.  He’d then give me the bass and ask me to repeat his lines.   He ended up giving me a three hour long bass lesson!  French and English were useless to us, but the language of music worked very well!  I wish I knew his name so I could find him and thank him for his generosity.

What does music mean to you?

Music lets me express my thoughts and feelings.  Music has introduced me to friends I will have for the rest of my life.   Music has allowed me to go to places and experience things I would not have otherwise seen.  Music means more to me than I can say in words.  It gives my life balance.

Any advice or suggestion to Sire guitars?

To the Sire Guitars family, thank you for all you do for us as musicians.  The time and effort you spend to make quality instruments is deeply appreciated by us musicians.   Your commitment to keeping your instruments at prices that are affordable means that no bass player or guitar player should ever have to play another inferior instrument.   Thank you!   My only advice is, please continue to keep the quality of your instruments high!

Juan Carlos Mendoza - Spain

My name is Juan Carlos Mendoza a professional bass player, producer, composer. All of my life I have been doing all of this, also I have been touring and recording with different artists from Spain. We can also see me very often on music TV shows with different bands including my own band.

Like many bass players I’m always on the net searching for new stuff for basses then I stumbled upon “Sire” because  I saw an interview with Mr. Marcus Miller talking about his Sire basses. Immediately it caught my attention and I looked for other videos about it. I was surprised with the sound because it was exactly what I have been looking for on every bass I owned. But this one was so clear, no doubt the best sounding bass for me. The first time I played my Sire bass was a fantastic experience. It was the first time I felt so comfortable with a new instrument, like the feeling that I had been playing these basses for years! The sound is the one that I was dreaming to have in a bass for so many years. Truly a game changer!

I started playing bass so early. Maybe I was only 12 years old. The bass is my best friend and my life. I have play almost any bass I could afford and endorse any brand on my way in search for the ultimate sound!

I am a free lance musician, producer of many artists in Spain as rock band Orquesta Mondragon, Amistades Peligrosas, Cristina Del Valle etc. As well as composer and recording artist myself. I have been playing bass all my life, actually touring around Spain with Pop Band “Amistades Peligrosas” and “Ellas dan la Nota” and all woman singers act. As musical dir. and bass player, producer.

My last album “Thanks To Life” came out as a part of what I am being thankful for with everything in my life. I did want to say ”Thanks To Life” for all this wonderful years of good music with so many talented artists and musicians. I included this great Chilean composer “Violeta Parra” song in Spanish called in my CD “Gracias A La Vida”. I have put together a lot of my preferences in music again in one CD. Some are smooth jazz, some funk, some pop, some flamenco and Brazilian inspirations and even some music from old cabarets in a very lounge old style that I used to hear when I started playing as a professional musicians in old cabarets. Finally it is a very wide open work with a lot of bass work there.

I have two albums with my name and music on them. I am still a tour and as a session artist but these late years I am trying to focus on my own music and my live band and for that I am very grateful. I have toured for so many years and with so many artists around the world.

I have toured in countries like South America to Europe, Russia, and Japan. Playing live with the instrument you love and feel confident is very important to me. It inspires me to do better so thank you Sire!

Music is the best natural energy I know. It can make people hearts move. Whether through joy or sadness. Emotions are always felt in this craft called music so it is a very powerful tool.

Music is my life so as a composer I create the musical atmosphere plus stuff that I can only express with music. My bass is the instrument that helps me impart this to the people I perform to.

My little suggestion to Sire Guitars is to continue your vision and goal. You are the best around, a revolution and Sire has done so well being a game changer. Instruments with such a great sound on an affordable price, yes I agree, you are no doubt a “Game Changer”.

Will Howard - USA

Please tell us briefly about yourself? And what you’ve been up to these last few years?

I’m a Bassist/producer/Composer Based out of Chicago IL but travel world wide. I have over 25 yrs professional experience working with a wide variety of artist in multiple genres. The last few years I have been expanding my career by doing clinics and writing Blogs and helping consult with product development as well as continuing to play and produce.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I was introduced to Sire by my good friend Jauqo-III-X who came back from the 2015 Winter NAMM show and let me check out the V7 before they hit the market,I was very impressed immediately at the quality of the instrument and later, When I acquired my own,the consistency of the construction.

When and how did you start playing bass?

I started playing Bass guitar when I was 12 yrs old after seeing Bassist Al Hamilton play at church. I had played Drums,Guitar Clarinet and Sax before that but knew I found my main instrument the minute I saw him play. Al later became a mentor and encouraged me to develop as a complete musician by furthering my formal studies.

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, would you tell us about your music career?;

I am a professional musician and lead several projects including Soulgroove and Willgroove2 as well as produce music under the name Willgroove as well as play as a sideman for amazing artist.

Your project Soulgroove is very interesting with the combination of funk, hip hop and jazz, how did you come up with this project and why you combine those style in your project?

Our Motto with Soulgroove is “music to groove your soul” our goal is to make music that speaks to the whole person at any age race or Gender and the combination of styles is just a natural reflection of who we all are as people and our influences as a individuals and collectively.

You are obviously very talented, as you bass player, composer and also you have produced music. Do you still focus on these thing or you are focusing on one thing more than others?

I’m continuing to build on the foundation I have set over the years while doing more Clinic presentations and and expanding my media presence with writing blogs,conducting interviews and making video’s as well as working with young people.

What does music mean to you?

It’s the soundtrack to my life

What or who were your early passions or influences of music do you play?

I grew up playing in Church but am a formally trained Jazz musician so Jazz,Soul,R&B,world music and Pop are life long passions.

Do you think the Music can do something to this world?

Every society on earth has some type of music,the voice and the drum are almost universal so music is too. Music is a common thread that has brought people together through out history and will continue to in the future.

Any advice or suggestion to Sire guitars?

Continue to focus on delivering a great product at a great price at the same quality as they have been and continue the great customer service.