Pablo Motyczak - Argentinian

I’m an Argentinian musician born in 1973. I played electric bass for 32 years now. I played bass with lots of local and international artists. I’m currently the bass player for Rata Blanca, one of the most popular and famous hard rock bands in Latin America. We just finished a world tour that included USA, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I’m also part of Temple, a side project of Rata Blanca’s guitarist Walter Giardino. With Temple we made two Latin American tours with Deep Purple / Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and we just finished a third European tour with Ronnie Romero, actual vocalist for Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

I’m also a studio and live session musician playing all kinds of music from hard rock and funk to Argentinian folk and tango.
I have my own recording studio in Buenos Aires, Tercera Estacion, where I put on my producer / recording & mixing engineer suit.
I’m currently an official endorser for Aguilar Amplification.

I started playing piano at age 6, at home was a Yamaha double keyboard organ I used to play. When I was about 11 I wanted to start a band with my brother on drums and a friend of mine on guitar. I asked my father to buy me a synthesizer, the Yamaha DX7 was the ultimate axe at that time, my father told me he couldn’t afford it, I insisted for a few months but I never got it. So, in order to start the band we needed an electric bass and it was a much affordable choice for me. I got a cheap violin bass that has been made fretless and had a extremely high action. It was a pain to play it but I quickly fell in love with the instrument and never went back.

I learned about Sire in early 2016 watching videos in YouTube. First thing that caught my attention was that the reviews I watched were not from the company or endorsers, they were just people that got a Sire bass and were so happy with it that they had to make a video and post it. So in March 2016 with one of my bass students we ordered two Sire basses from the web, unfortunately the basses were retained under Argentina’s customs office and we never got them. Later that June I ordered another one and asked a friend of mine that was coming from USA to Argentina to bring it with him. I got my first Sire.

I own about 12 basses, since I got my first Sire the other basses spend most of the time in their cases and gig bags!

Feels great of course and to be the first one in Argentina is really cool! But it’s also challenging, lots of players are so stuck with famous brands that sometimes it’s hard to convince people that a great bass doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive. Another fact is when they find out that although it’s a Marcus Miller bass it’s not Made in USA. Players tend to think that an Indonesian made instrument is not a quality instrument. But fortunately things change when they get their hands on a Sire bass.

Right now we are recording three songs with Temple featuring Ronnie Romero (of course with one of my Sires). I also have my own band, we are planning to make a record this year too. I’m constantly recording songs for other bands and solo artists in my studio.

It’s hard to pick up one… or to remember!!! May be a video that I made some years ago with a tapping version of the Pink Panther Theme. I won a contest with it and it was published in several bass sites. Unfortunately I didn’t own a Sire bass at that time. It was recorded in a single live take with my Modulus Graphite Quantum 5 bass. It’s not a Sire but it’s fun to watch!

The next two months I’ll be doing some local gigs with several solo artists here in Argentina. In March we are starting a new tour with Rata Blanca in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. Luckily in September / October we’ll be doing a USA tour too.

In my arsenal I have two Sire basses ( for now ). A Tobacco Sunburst Alder/Rosewood 4 string and a Natural Ash/Maple 5 string. I couldn’t be happier with them, I use them all the time. The basses feel great, they are true Jazz Basses. They are easy to play, they have a great warm tone. The electronics are simply amazing. Over the years I’ve had all types of preamps and eqs installed on my basses and I must say that the Sire electronics are superb, with lots of headroom, extremely versatile and a very useful eq tone. Passive mode also sounds great and the fact that the passive tone can be used in conjunction with the active preamp is a plus.

I heard people saying the Sire tuning machines are not very good… Let me tell you this. I played my last two international tours with my Alder/Rosewood 4 string, I carry the bass with me in the Sire gig bag… cars, planes, busses, trains… Before each show when my bass tech gets it out the bag he can’t believe it… 95% of the time the bass is perfectly in tune, and probably that 5% that it’s not has been caused by accidentally turning one of the pegs. I almost never use my tuner pedal on stage, the bass keeps perfect tune through the entire gig.

Also I love the thru body bridge, it’s a great feature!

My first performance was in first year of high school with a mix of acoustic and electric instruments and a choir of 80 students in front of a 250 people audience. Obviously a lot of things changed from that time to present, I’m a consolidated player now, I feel confident with my playing  but the essence remains the same, I still feel butterflies in my stomach before each gig.

I’m developing a new website, hope it will be online during this year. You can contact me through my facebook ( , my Instagram user is @motyxgram and my Twitter user is @motyx.

Motyx is a short version of my last name, which is usually very complicated for people.

I would tell them to break that barrier set up by the musical instrument industry that leads to think that an affordable instrument will never be good. It’s natural to assume that an expensive bass is great, but sometimes that’s not even true.

I think the philosophy behind Sire is one your most valuable goods, keep it that way!!!

Matamba - Bolivia

My name is Matamba and I am a musician, producer and singer from Bolivia. I became a bass player jamming with friends a few years ago, when we started to change instrument positions in the band just for fun, but I have a very nice story. It all starts when I was recording my first album “Estilo Dread” and you know, for some reasons, I had to record all the instruments, which was a wonderful experience that also allowed me to produce my own music giving me the freedom to express everything I wanted to transmit and bring as a musical proposal. Without any doubt, the experience of recording the bass was sublime and I fell in love with the instrument even more since then.

I heard about Sire through a company that made them known in Bolivia, this company is called DON BOLIVIA, and from the excellent campaign they made I was curious to visit their offices and to be able to remove myself the doubt seeing and hearing the sound of the instrument. When I arrived to the show room, I saw the M7… IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Minutes later I was involved in the powerful sound that this wonderful instrument gave me and from that moment I became a “SIRE FAN”. I had a gig in Cochabamba, Bolivia the same day (Cochabamba is the city were the company DON BOLIVIA is located) and I did not miss the opportunity to present the M7 live, so I said to my bass player Armin Jhamil Mostajo “bro today we blow the place with this beautiful monster,” and  the result was spectacular. I love the M7!

It is an honor and also an immense joy to be a SIRE FRIEND, to be able to represent the brand in every place or country where I give concerts and there is no doubt that since the bass M7 became a part of my team, my music was enhanced by bringing my sound, in the recordings and also in live performances, to another level.

I am a solo artist who has a wonderful live band and with it we have a unique and different musical proposal, the sound of DREADCORE, which is a combination of Reggae Roots and Hardcore Metal that also includes Soul and Hip Hop brushstrokes. We are currently one of the few Bolivian bands, of alternative music, that have traveled around the globe, invited to play in many countries, participating in international concerts sharing the stage with artists such as DMX, Alpha Blondie, Ky Mani Marley, Damian Marley, Stephen and Julian Marley, Shakira, Calle 13, Juanes, Cultura Profética , The Skattalites, Alborosie, Charlie Black, Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji and more. We have been part of festivals such as the Pepsi Music Festival, 9 Mile Music festival, Cosquín Rock, Tigo Reggae Festival, One Love Festival, Interkultur Drammen Festival, Vorterix Reggae Fest and others, taking our musical proposal and expanding my sound… the DREADCORE, around the world.

At the beginning of this year we were in Miami sharing a memorable concert with part of the Marley Brothers (Julian, Damian and Stephen) sons of the legendary Bob Marley, and last year we gave a concert with Ky Mani Marley bringing us a complete beautiful experience,  being able to share the stage with them. For me, it was a very special experience and gives me an unforgettable period in my career, and this was enhanced when, in Miami, I was invited to Bob Marley’s house where I stayed, I also had the opportunity to share a little with his family… It was wonderful unique experience and a great blessing, for real.

We are going to Norway for 10 dates this month and we are very happy for this opportunity because we wanted to go to Europe since forever! I always talk about LA RAZA (The people who follows my music) in many places of the world and thanks to JAH and LA RAZA in Europe we have this amazing opportunity to bring them my music this year. It is a blessing! We are also going to Argentina and in February of the next year we’ll be going to Puerto Rico!

Yes! I am currently recording what will be my new album, called LION ARMY There are 16 songs full of FIRE that will surely touch the heart and soul of the people in a positive way. It is an album loaded with a lot of DREADCORE that you will be able to enjoy from start to finish! While I am recording the songs, I am very excited to see the color that the record is getting, it contains quite powerful songs but also has quite intimate songs which travel harmonically to the deepest of the soul… I am excited to give it to the people!

You can visit and share my music on my official accounts:
@matambaoficial (facebook)
@matambaoficial (instagram)
@matambamusic (twitter)
@matambachiorino (youtube channel)
My music is also available for streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google+

If you have the opportunity to get a SIRE, one of the most important things you should know is that there is a SIRE suitable for anyone according to the style you want to play (any style). What makes SIRE unique, unlike others, is that the versatility of its sound HAS NO LIMITS and once you play with one of these beautiful basses I am sure that you will never be disappointed! I invite you and I challenge you to be a part of the SIRE family… I promise… YOU WILL NOT REGRET!!!

Leon Philipsen - United Kingdom

I come from a very musical family and started playing music at a young age. I had a music teacher when I was 11 that asked what instrument I would like to play in the school rock band; I chose bass and he taught me. I’ve stuck with it ever since.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I learnt about the Sire brand in early 2016 through my manager Troy. I thought a bass with that price tag couldn’t live up to the reviews, I was very wrong. Since owning my V7 I have been blown away. The quality of the bass is second to none and versatility of the instruments neck and preamp combo allows me to play a wide variety of genres – although I predominately play rock. The bass sings live, and having such a wide EQ and tone control makes switching between songs effortless.

I am honoured. To be associated with such a game changer in the industry is truly special to me.

Weston Rd is a 3 piece rock band heavily influenced by the likes of the Foo Fighters, Royal Blood and Chris Cornell. We are looking forward to releasing our debut album soon – check us out on social media for future updates.

I think one of my most memorable performances was when I was at high school and did a double bass duet of Bohemian Rhapsody with a great bassist, Ben Shepherd. It was so challenging but went down a treat.

FVP are great. They have really looked after the bands best interests and have put us in touch with leading people in the industry. To have their support has really allowed us to do what we do best – play! We are always looking forward and hope that the future is bright and that we can really make a difference to the music world.

I am very excited about this, not only is it the first recording I have done with the Sire but the music is getting great feedback so far. There is a track on there for everyone.Think heavy, bluesy, modern, big. It has it all. It is being produced by Troy Antunes and already sounds incredible.

Haha yeah I wore a suit and sunglasses. I slid on the floor at the end of an old rock ‘n’ roll song called Roadrunner. I seem to remember it being a lot cooler than it probably was but hey, gotta start somewhere. I remember being quite nervous but it was a lot of fun. I still have a lot of fun on stage, How can you not? Music just does that to me. I’m definitely not as nervous on stage as I once was.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with @westonrdmusic

It’s simple, if you want a bass that has unbelievable control of tone and just feels great to play, look no further than Sire.


My name is MATHIEU LLOPART, I am a professional bassist from Paris, France. I started bass 20 years ago playing rock covers with my friends and then step by step after a hundred concerts with my rock band MODELO I decided to move to Paris to become a professional musician. Since then I made many concerts, tours and records, and right now I am on tour with one of the most popular French singer AMIR all around France and Europe. During my free time I also play with the band OK CORAL as a bassist and musical director. Besides I also work on my own project and I will probably release an EP before the end of 2017.

A friend of mine told me that a new brand called SIRE had been working in collaboration with Marcus Miller to release affordable basses. At that time I was thinking of buying a Jazz bass so I bought a V7 4 strings and a V7 5 strings on Thomann. At first I was impressed by their high quality, these instruments are extremely well finished for their prices, then I plugged them in my amp and the sound was awesome! I decided to bring my V7 on tour with AMIR and everyone was so happy with it that I finally kept it in my rig.

I am proud and honored to be the first French Sire Friend and I hope that it is just the beginning of a long story.

It is very hard to answer because the last song I compose is always better than the older ones.

Each tour is unique but I think that my most memorable concert was in Marseille with French singer KENDJI. The audience was so excited and shouted so loud that I did not hear a single note of what I was playing during the first three songs of the set. It was totally crazy!

I am very happy right now, I am on a big tour, I make concerts all around France and Europe and I feel lucky to make a living with my passion. I just hope that this would last as long as possible.

I think that it was in a pub with my first band in Mulhouse and I was terrified! Actually It took me some time to be relaxed on stage but thank God it is not the case anymore.

On my website: or on my Instagram if you want to discover more about my life on tour and my passions.

My words would be « GO and BUY one », I have many basses and the Sire basses are incredible for their prices. For sure you will not regret it!

Zafer Sanli - Turkey

My orientation and appeal towards music started in high school. Then I continued my scholarship in Music Teaching Department of Marmara University, in the year 1985. That is also where I got my education on classical guitar and piano. I really wanted to play bass, so, I decided to play in a band which we formed with our friends, in 1987. I have been playing since, then.

Ünsal Dinçer, of your Turkish partner Senkop Music, informed and invited me to try Sire Basses to the shop. I adored Sire by it’s tonal variety, very comfortable fretboard, and it’s top quality material. And so, I became the official Sire endorser of Senkop Music (V7ALD5TS).

I have accompanied, and am still accompanying, many important Turkish pop artists on their gigs and recording sessions. The first time I played my Sire bass was on Erol Evgin’s concert, one of the most famous pop singers of Turkey. Since Mr. Evgin has a wide range in his repertoire (such as jazz, pop, rock, turkish folk…), which was also a very important experience for me. Also, I recorded the bass lines on the premiering album of our band Sekans 4 (Kayıp Kelimeler Krallığı), with my own Sire V7; as mentioned also, on the album’s cover, as the bass itself has shown a great performance in the session.

As a professional bass guitarist, I accompanied, am still accompanying, many famous artists in Turkey (such as; Ersen ve Dadaşlar,Erol Evgin,Emre Altuğ,Cem Karaca,Cahit Berkay,Simge Sağın ,Gülşen ) in their gig’s and recording sessions, for 30 years. Also, I recorded albums of Ersen ve Dadaşlar (1998-2007), Cahit Berkay & Grup Zan’s – Toprak (2007), and Sekans 4’s – Kayıp Kelimeler Krallığı (2016). My own compositions also found their place in many different singer’s own albums. My own bass guitar method book got published in the year 2014. Also I am giving private lessons and organising Workshops. You can find more about me on

First of all, I would like to state that my actual professional domain is bass guitar and studio musicianship. I am giving private lessons in my private studio, in my spare times from the concerts. I am updating my Youtube Channel with my own equipe. As a dedicated professional musician, I am still appearing with my compositions and as a music director in valuable projects, from time to time.

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It was hard to reach for Turkish sources about bass guitar playing, back in my time, so, as many of us, I also learned from sources in foreign languages. That’s where I felt the necessity of a source in our own tongue, so  I always dreamed to write a method which would be a trusted source for bass guitarists. Music Teaching was my department in the university, though I never had the time to be a music teacher as I continued my carreer as a professional musician. By the time I felt the right moment, I combined my vast experience and professional reservoir , so I decided to write and publish a bass guitar method. After 2 years with full dedication, my method of 102 pages with 3 cd’s full-of-backing track to accompany learners, was published in the name of Bas Gitarist’in El Kitabı (Bass Guitarist’s Handbook) was published and nominated as the most extensive bass method in my own country, which made me really happy. After the publishing, I decided to visualise my method and made a partnership agreement with YouTube.

Music is a great passion and a way of life. I always believed that, whatever you do, you should do it with love.

We entered to a contest with our band in university, Labirent (Labyrinth) . This was the first time I played in front of a crowd so I was very excited. I worked a lot and the hard work paid-off well; with 3 awards which helped me a lot to maintain my self-confidence. This was the one I never forgot.

You can find more about me on:
My official website:

The official website of my book:

My official Wikipedia page:

In Youtube:

My official Youtube channel where my works and appearances can be seen:

My second official YouTube channel where educational videos about learning and playing the bass guitar can be seen here:

In Instagram:

My official Instagram page where my works and appearances can be seen:
zafer_sanli (related with the channel:

My second official page where educational videos about learning and playing the bass guitar can be
bassguitar_academy(related with the channel:

And also;
A link to your partner Senkop Müzik’s page, where I am being mentioned:

There are many reasons for bass players to get themselves a Sire Bass. The tonal variety compared with good prices make it possible to play in any genre, style. Along with that, it’s comfortable fretboard and quality the of material used in building the bass is a very sufficient reason to acquire a Sire, in my own opinion.

Rommel Dela Cruz - Philippines

Became a bass player by default because someone has to play it in my high school band! Fell in love with the sound and how it affects the whole band.

My first main influences would be Adam Clayton(U2) and Flea..then i heard Jaco and i was floored.the sound,touch,everything.

For every genre,i hear a certain tone..punchy and distinct,will cut through the whole mix,especially in recordings,where the bass needs to ground the song..the jazz bass config. Is very versatile in that sense..the alder V7 has all those things.

Everyone was giving me the thumbs up..the way it envelopes the bottom end. It was a good day!

I am honored to be the first Sire friend in the Philippines considering that the bass is Marcus Miller’s brainchild. Everything about the instrument is world class..craftsmanship,tone,looks and the fact the beginners could actually avail it for a reasonable price. It would inspire them to make music for the long haul.

I saw it first on Facebook when Adrian Nuñez posted about it. Classic look and with Marcus Miller’ s name on it! No-brainer i want to have V-7 rosewood!

My initial impression was this is a classic with steroids..tried it out live and the tone was killing.Clear bottom end and cutting..embraces the whole band.In the studio,the tone is punchy and very versatile.

I am part of Freestyle(pop group) and released more than ten albums the past 2 decades. We play clubs and national tours around the country and has just finished an australian tour. I was also part of Barbie’s Cradle and released 3 albums the past..been doing some side projects (NRML Project). I also have my studio/session side and has played on more than 100 albums..anything the keeps the blood flowing!

Music has been a part of life since i was a teenager. I’ve been blessed to do this the past 2 decades..where as before music has been its own reward,now my main inspiration is my family,my wife Owie and my kids,Kristo and Audrey.

Eric Silva - Brazil

I first picked up the bass guitar when I was 15, when the bass player didn’t show and a friend told me to play the bass. It was like the acoustic guitar but I should play just the low strings and from then on, it became my passion.

In the beginning  I was very influenced by Abe Laboriel in his recordings with the Hosanna Music. I’ve always been involved with gospel music, and always liked the groove players like James Jamerson, Pino Palladino, the master Marcus Miller and others

I met the Sire Bass via youtube. I always look for new gear and when I saw Mr. Miller demonstrating that bass, I had no doubt that I needed to get it! The bass is fantastic and it has exceeded my expectations

I first played in the studio when I plugged the bass their was no noise, it had a perfect pitch and the Heritage preamp is perfect. After that day, I played in a local event gig with the group I belong to the Family of Faith Worship. I also played for an established singer in Brazil, it was awesome.

I am honored to be the first  Sire Friend in Brazil. My desire is to invite all my friends and wish very soon to have a lot of Sire friends in Brazil.

I’ve had several instruments, but Sire surprised me! It is hard to believe that it is possible to have an instrument of this quality under a fair price for consumers.

My main suggestion to Sire is that they look at our Brazilian market and spread Sire Revolution here.

After 2 years of searching I found one way to get my Sire and when I saw an advertisement in Brazil, I had no doubt but to buy it. I had seen the great player Andrew Berry use the same model that I have with David Sanborn, it was great!

I’ve always been involved with gospel music and today I am part of Family of Faith Worship and also I am a free lancer to some gospel singers Brazilians.

My inspiration comes from God, on Him. I am so grateful for life, family, friends and music.

Christian Laguna - Bolivia

I found about Sire surfing the Internet. But I knew it was hard to find them in Bolivia.
In may I went to play in Cochabamba. A friend of mine, Ramiro Vazques, also a bass player
told me there was someone bringing Sire Bass to Bolivia. I immediately contacted Fernando
Jimenez at DON BOLIVIA and started my Sire relationship.

I was very impressed when I got my bass home. The bass just needed some light fret work
but was ready to play. The sound is just amazing and the wood work is just great.

When I knew the bass guitar, I didn’t had any clue this instrument existed. By plucking
the bass string in its case, I knew I wanted to play the bass my entire life and that’s what
I do since 1994.My main influences are

1. Flea
2. Jaco Pastorius
3. Marcus Miller

I started in Bolivia rock Bands. Soon I was invited to play all kinds of music. In 1998 I
moved to Mexico City. There I had the chance of going on with my studies. I performed with
great jazz musicians as Francisco Tellez and Emmanuel Mora. There I started my musical
Project Takesi with which I performed all over México and Europe. The 2nd cd PACHAMAMA
participated in the Latin Grammy Awards 2015. In Mexico I also performed live or in Studio
with latin Pop Stars as Alejandra Guzman, Reyli Barba, Sin Bandera, Nacho Cano, La 5ta
Estación among others. Since 2014 I returned to my Hometown La Paz where I still work as a
Musical Producer and Director. I currently keep on with Takesi and as musical Director for
Luzmila Carpio (world music), Milton Cortez (latin Pop) and several jazz projects including
Johannes Lemke, Jarry Singla (germany) and Christian Perez (arg/Usa).

Jamie Bestwick - Canada

Like many others, I saw the videos from NAMM 2015 and was intrigued. A pair of published reviews by fellow Sire Friend Vuyani Wakaba really caught my attention. I started following the initial buzz on Talk Bass and ended up calling Mickey Cho at Sire USA. He was very friendly and helpful, answering all of the questions I had. While on the phone, I made the purchase as a birthday gift to myself. The process was fast and I had the bass within a week or so (back before demand skyrocketed).

Once I had the bass in my hands, I was immediately impressed by the obvious attention to detail and the finishing touches that most basses in this price range (and higher) unfortunately lack. Even before plugging in, the sound and resonance of my Sire V7 played acoustically was clean, clear and punchy. After I plugged into my amplifier, I was blown away by the depth of tone it produces. Right away I found the sound I was hoping for. I had never owned a jazz bass until now and I’m proud to say my Sire V7 fills that void and then some! It’s become an essential part of my arsenal as a professional bass player in Ontario, Canada.

With minimal previous music education, I began playing electric bass in high school in September 1996. While it’s not the most recommended route, my journey started on a fretless 4-string. Looking back, I’d like to believe it helped develop my ears and sense of intonation which later translated to my studies on double bass. My music professors Mr. Hall, Mr. Riley and Mr. Tusz (who is also a bass player) were very supportive and encouraged me to work hard and learn as much as I could about the role of the bass player. They gave me the opportunity to play regularly in the school’s stage bands and concert bands outside of daily classes. I also began performing with friends in rock bands at various local venues.

Jaco Pastorius was the first well-known bass player I stumbled upon, almost by accident. Later came Geddy Lee, Les Claypool, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten, mostly driven by my desire to learn various playing techniques. In 1998 after discovering what I thought were most of the noteworthy professional electric bass players, I found one only a few hours away in Toronto, ON. His name is Mr. Orin Isaacs and since the day we met he’s been an incredible teacher, mentor and friend who opened up a whole new world to me as a teenage beginner. Orin instilled in me a hunger for learning, a love for music & performance and to always be the best I can be, no matter what I decide to focus on. Among many valuable lessons, Orin taught me that regardless of how great you think you might be on your instrument, you have to be a good person and a team player first and foremost. This is a lesson all musicians around the world should learn.

In 2000 I began jazz studies at Canada’s prestigious music school, Humber College. It is there that I began to learn and play the double bass under the instruction of Mr. Mike Downes, head of the bass department at Humber and one of Canada’s premier musicians. His inspiration, guidance, support and friendship over the years has been essential to my continued development as a person and musician.

I am a professional musician and play regularly all across the province of Ontario. Most of my performing is done in bands and orchestras on both electric bass and double bass for musical theatre productions. I’ve made a career as a sideman for hire but recently spent two years as a member of a band from my hometown called Laganza. With them I helped write, record and produce their 2010 release titled “Both Sides”.

I’ve had the opportunity to study with some of the finest musicians on the planet, too many to name here. I’ve performed on hundreds of stages across North America during my career and have met some incredible people along the way. I’ve also been very fortunate to form relationships with the people behind the companies whose products I use on a daily basis. I will always be grateful for the support they continue to provide.

I have been proud to own and play my Kenneth Lawrence Brase I 5-string bass for over 13 yrs. In my opinion, he is of the finest luthiers & artists in the world. Along with fellow Canadian luthiers F Bass and Dingwall, only a handful of other builders are on the same level of their craftsmanship. While my Sire V7 is also a wonderfully crafted bass, personally I don’t think it’s designed to compare with these high-end builders. Having said that, it shares similar traits and I’ve found my Sire V7 to be a first-class versatile workhorse that is able to fit in seamlessly within a number of musical styles. It takes the familiar jazz bass and raises the bar to the next level. Along with many others, I’m happy to proclaim it really is a “Game Changer.” I’m excited about it because it is a high-quality instrument that is accessible to many more people around the world because of its lower price. Students shouldn’t have to learn to play on cheap, mediocre instruments. Sire is fixing this problem for the next generation and turning the heads of the pro players at the same time.

For me, finding that perfect bass tone depends on the style of music I’m playing. I strive for that ideal fit whether I’m playing jazz, rock, blues, funk, reggae, bluegrass, etc. They all have different requirements and sometimes lead to having a variety of different instruments for each situation. What I love about my Sire V7 is that it is very adaptable in creating the tone I need for many different styles. It’s like a reliable Swiss Army Knife with a tool for most jobs.

Find the instrument that inspires you & makes you want to play everyday. It should help you to create your own voice. For beginners, it’s ok if you start by emulating your heroes’ sound, feel, tone and bass lines. The greatest players have all studied those who came before them. The key is to evolve and discover what you personally have to offer. If you’re honest with yourself about it, you’ll always want to try to improve and become the best bass player you can be. Keep your ears open. That magical instrument could be a Sire!

For current news and updates, please visit my website which features my music, videos, biography and links to my social media sites.

Leonard Choon Hwee Ng - Singapore

Thanks Sire Guitars for this interview!

Hi friends, I am Leonard from Singapore, and my favourite genres of music are funk and ballads, but I play pretty much anything to serve the demands of my gigs.

What I’ve been up to these last few years? Here in Singapore, it is compulsory for Singaporean men to serve 2 years in the military, and I am proud to have completed mine! For the military enthusiasts and freedom fighters, I completed my 2 years and left the service as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant, with the rank of 2nd Sergeant. It’s nothing to boast of, but I’m glad to have contributed to my nation’s defence.

I am now pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

I got to know Sire Bass by chance actually. It all started when I was looking up a couple of Marcus Miller videos to learn his licks, when there was a linked video at the side that featured Marcus talking about Sire guitars. At that time, I didn’t remember hearing of such a brand before. Like, “Sire..? What is that??”. After some more research, and learning about Sire’s purpose of serving young musicians and making affordable instruments, I decided to check out the Sire V7 for myself to see how impressive it was.

The first store I went to had a few V7’s, but their strings were somewhat dead and they didn’t feel good. But…I really wanted a Jazz bass for the versatility, and Fenders here in Singapore are still considerably expensive. So I pulled the trigger, and ordered a Sire V7 4-string Ash, Sunburst. I’ve never looked back since…this thing plays like a charm.

I love telling this story! In short, I was first a dancer, and realised how good that “deep thumping sound” made me feel like dancing. Then I went on to learn bass.

Tell you more later!

Yes, of course! We are a group of students who reside in the same hostel in the university, and our first gig together was at NTU Fest 2015. Do check out our Facebook page here!

To keep the long story short, we decided from there that we really enjoyed making music with each other, and we also shared the same direction for music, which was to eventually write and record our own material. So we stuck together until now, and we’re confident that we will never split unless life’s circumstances force us to.

Why “Sabby And The Cats”? That’s because our lead vocalist’s name is Sabrina, whose Instagram account is so aptly named as @sabbythecat. Plus I’m an oldies guy, and seeing how James Brown used to introduce the members of his band as “cats”, I thought “Sabby And The Cats” would give the name an interesting angle.


Do check us out here!

Instagram: @sabbyandthecats


Thank you Sire Guitars for your support!

Definitely! Well to be honest, I started off my first semester in NTU very badly, ending the semester with a 2.6 GPA out of 5. So if you’re looking for a model student to follow, I wouldn’t be a good example!

As the semesters went by, I spent a lot more time cultivating skills which I felt were important that many people in my course neglect, like communication skills for example, as compared to studying. I’ll still study and keep up with my academic material of course, but the emphasis will be on learning and acquiring new knowledge rather than attaining a good score.

To manage my time better, I plan my day the night before, complete with start and end timings, very much like in the military. The perk of doing this is that I get to strike out tasks that I’ve completed in the day, and it makes me feel productive.

Oh, and playing bass and being a musician are just things that keep me sane. They also happen to be some of the things I live for.

Well, you know how important a good bass line is in helping people find their way around the dance floor. Likewise, bass lines have been what I always first looked out for in songs since I started dancing. Hence, I decided that I should pick up the skill of playing bass in order to understand how these bass lines I love are crafted.

Prior to my enlistment into the military 4 years ago, I drew up a bucket list of things to do before beginning my military service, and learning bass was one of those goals. Took lessons for 3 months, and off I went into the service.

I wouldn’t say I’ve converted into a bassist and left dance totally, because if you’re once a dancer, you’ll always be a dancer. But at this point in my life, it’s geographically much less convenient to dance than it is to have band practices. And I guess that’s what leads people to say that I’ve “stopped” dancing, because I’m hardly seen doing that nowadays.

Also, I’ve created a separate channel for bass covers, and you can find me here at Leonard Ng Music (

The biggest difference in my opinion, is the limelight that you get. As a dancer, you’re supposed to want people to look at you. And people WILL look at you because they will compare who’s better than who, or who dances funny, you know. That’s also how you score points during competitions; the judges look at you, and they assess you. So in all that we do in dance, we often juggle between expressing ourselves and making our presence known. If you’re a huge guy, you’ll naturally get more attention on the dance floor.

As a bassist however, most people don’t actually know how you contribute to the band. Even more interestingly, some people don’t even know you exist. That’s what I like about being a bassist: I know the importance of the role I play, and I’m perfectly comfortable with thumping away at the back because I know that I make a difference. If I ever get recognition, it’s a bonus. And because of my dance background, limelight is not a problem if I ever get some air time (provided everyone doesn’t go off to get a drink during the bass solo).

I started out as a dancer, and it was because of the late Michael Jackson that inspired me to dance. Thinking about it now, it’s an incredible cause-and-effect chain that led me to now play music.

Michael Jackson spent his lifetime trying to make the world a better place through his music, and with regards to his contributions, yes, I definitely think music can be a great influence to this world like how it was to my world and my artistic journey so far.

Well…at the core of it, music is life. Art is life. It’s one of the things I live for, because it’s a language more beautiful than even the sweetest words in the dictionary can describe. The best part is, everyone understands music. You can feel it when a piece invokes sadness, melancholy, or joy in you. It’s a universal language.

Make the instruments cheaper…just kidding! :P

Keep up the amazing work! Many musicians in this world are benefiting from the Sire Revolution, and each Sire sold will bring us one step closer to unifying the world through music.