Jauqo III-X - USA

Tell us about yourself and what you’ve been up to these last few years?

My name is Jauqo III-X and I am a bass player, I lead my own band as well as perform with other artists and I also do sessions.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I reached out to Sire because I was sincerely curious about the quality in relation to price. And when I first saw a Sire V7 J bass I was seriously impressed with the overall quality, attention to detail and the extreme versatility of the preamp, a tiny turn on any knob brings some serious noticeable differences in sound and the fact that it could easily be going for double the price that Sire is offering them for. I feel equally the same about the Sire M3 model

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, please tell us briefly about your band

I am a professional bass sit and I am the leader of the band Jauqo III-X Reality, it’s a band with a very interesting sound that is heavily fueled by groove.

When and why did you start playing bass? What kind of music do you play?

I was always drawn to sound of the bass and I was 16 years old when I finally took the dive. I play pretty much every genre you can imagine.

I have seen on your Facebook photo which has “YES, I REALLY DO HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.” Could you tell us more about that?

I am known for having some very good hearing and I can hear the things that get past most others but when it comes to the Sire the quality of sound is not that hard to discern, a very nice sounding bass.

I have seen that you have another name Jauqo IIIX reality. Could you tell us what is Jauqo IIIX reality?

Jauqo III-X Reality is the name of my band, it’s a very interesting sounding band with strong elements of Funk, improvisation and other musical genre elements.

Do you compose or produce your own music? Please give us your favorite song which defines yourself?

I do produce and compose my own music but to choose a favorite song that could define who I am would be really tough.

What does music mean to you and to the world in your opinion?

Music has been there for me at my lowest and music is a constant reminder that it will always be there for me and without music there may never exist any beautiful souls in the world. Music is definitely beyond healing.



Most of our Sire Basses are currently sold out in all of our online stores and is only available for pre-order.

We are experiencing a strong demand from all around the world and Sire guitars are sold out as soon as they arrive into our local warehouses.

We are doing everything we can to make them available to our players as soon as possible. However, we do not want to sacrifice quality over quantity and so unfortunately we have to limit the number of production to maintain our high quality standard.

We wanted to shorten the out of stock time to make our customer more satisfied with the quality of our instruments.

Sire basses will adhere to our strict quality control to continually deliver high quality instruments to our players.

We are committed in serving our players with the best instruments. So to avoid another sold out, we recommend you to pre-order to secure your guitar.

We hope you understand our policy and continue to support the SIRE Company.


Executive officer

David YU

Adam Dorn (Mocean Worker) - USA

I’m a recording artist and a composer for TV and Film. I started playing bass at the age of 15. I got my start in the business at a very young age. It’s basically all I’ve ever done. About 4 years ago my family and I decided to move to LA from New York and since that move I have begun to work on a lot of different film and tv projects. Its been quite amazing actually. I wrote the musical score for the documentary “Richard Pryor-Omit The Logic” which won an NAACP award. I co-wrote the end titles for a TV series called “Better Call Saul” which is the prequel to “Breaking Bad”. (I also play bass on all the cues for the series).  I’ve recently released my 8th album as a recording artist. “Mocean Worker” is the title of this album and it features me playing bass for the first time on my own music. I never really felt like real bass playing fit on my music as it’s heavily electronic and dance oriented. I was wrong. This new album has a new life and organic feel that only a real bass can bring. This sudden confidence in my bass playing came as a result of co-writing a song with Marcus Miller for his new album “Afrodeezia”. The song “I Can’t Breath” is a co-write between Marcus.Chuck D (from Public Enemy. And Myself). There’s a breakdown section where I put a temporary bass line in thinking Marcus would replace it. When he said “I think that sounds good, keep it” I kind of said to myself “My favorite bass player ever just told me to keep my bass part on his album”. I don’t know it just gave me a confidence I hadn’t had in a while about my playing. As I finished the writing of my new album I just sort of played bass on everything. I wanted the core of the music to be centered on bass. That’s where the SIRE V7 bass comes in. I played my alder V7 on 4 tunes on the album. “Punk Disco(Jaco)” (A tribute to Jaco Pastorius) ,  “Clap Yo Hands(Mtume)” , “Ralph And Marcus” (A tribute to Marcus and legendary percussionist Ralph MacDonald) and “Julius,Irving,Berlin” all feature a variety of styles and sounds coming from this amazing instrument.  I should note that Ive known Marcus for 30 years. When I was 16 I wrote him a letter and he answered it by calling me and invitng me to hang out in the studio with him so I could watch and learn. That turned into a 3 year apprenticeship. A very unique life changing couple of years for me. I just sat there and took notes. Watched and learned. So that’s a big part of who and what I am. When I started making music though I wanted to separate that experience and the experience I had as a bass player. I wanted to find my own voice as an artist. I think I have. Now that I have putting my bass playing into that voice is an incredible experience that I hope to continue building.

When I was in the studio with Marcus working on “Afrodeezia” I noticed that he had 3 prototype V7 basses there. I played one of the Ash models and loved the feel of it. I didn’t get a chance at that time to plug into an amp or go direct into the computer but I could tell simply by playing the instrument that it was something special, I instantly thought the bass would be in the $2500 price range. When I finally got my hands on my V7 Alder model and plugged it in and started recording with it I was blown away. The sound, the feel , the quality. Just , top notch. I don’t remember the last time I even thought about the cost. That’s old news. Now I just think of this instrument as my instrument. Its an amazing instrument that any musician of any level could enjoy. I have been looking for a bass with this sound and feel for years. I finally found it! Im happy to report that locally where I live I was able to donate my other V7 bass to a 12 year old female student who couldn’t afford to get a bass. I made the donation just the other day in person and to see the smile on the face of a young musician getting her first instrument was worth everything to me. The fact that Sire and Marcus have a goal of getting these amazing instruments into the hands of young musicians is really what seals the deal for me. That I could take one of my own instruments and give it to someone that wanted and needed it was a great feeling.  That the basses themselves are also worthy of being used in almost any professional application is just incredible. From Student to the highest level professional you’re talking about a game changing instrument here. I’ve never seen something like this in my 30+ years of playing bass. Its amazing.

Mocean Worker ( pronounced like the english word “Motion”) really is a play on words. I originally wanted to use the regular spelling “Motion Worker” but I soon realized there was a software company that had that name and I didnt want to copy

them or risk any kind of legal action. I just had the idea that putting the letter M in front of the word “Ocean” had the same sounding result. Mocean Worker is meant to imply rhythm , and movement. Worker is used to give a sense of being in the

middle of things, down in the groove so to speak. A man behind the scenes working with sound.

“In the beginning there was funk” is my way of saying the very first music I was drawn to and wanted to learn was Funk and R&B music. I’ve always been drawn to funk and jazz. This new album “Mocean Worker”  is a rediscovery of a lot of things for me musically. The fact that I play the kind of style of bass on it is for me new ground.  This style of music mixed with this style of bass playing is sort of not done a lot. I hope it inspires younger players to mix things up.

I’ve been very fortunate since starting my career as a recording artist. This current album (“Mocean Worker”)  is my 8th (I had a 7th album come out exclusively in Japan in 2014 called “It’s Pronounced Motion” a kind of Greatest hits). The style of music that I do has settled into a kind of mixture of 1930’s swing and 1970’s funk. My two original albums were strictly done in the style of Drum and Bass music. My third album is a very breakbeat kind of house combination. When I started using the nickname “MOWO!” ( which is just a short easier way of saying MOcean WOrker ) the music changed a lot. Albums 4 through 7 are very much centered and focused on one sound. Folks in Europe call it Electro-Swing. I was one of the first producers to actually make music in this style. Mr. C and I were probably the first producers to really do this. Since then artists like Parov Stellar and Caravan Palace have become very popular ( especially in Europe ). The United States doesn’t have a scene like this. Jazz was invented in the US and yet it seems to be far more successful in Japan, Korea, France and Germany. I take pride in being a U.S. based electronic musician that really infused jazz into my sound. My music has appeared in films like “Devil Wears Prada” and “The Bourne Supremacy” and tv shows like “CSI” and “Six Feet Under” and  “Better Call Saul”.  I’ve been very fortunate for sure to have a career that has me producing, remixing, composing and also being a recording artist. These are different times now in music. If you have a skill. Use it!

It’s all part of a journey in a way. I don’t think one thing is more important than any other in terms of skills. I love DJ’ing. I think it helps that Im a musician when I DJ for example. As an arranger I think Im greatly helped when I do remixes as arranging skills are key in putting together a remix of someone else’s song. Your essentially making a new record so you need to also know how to produce. Its all very connected. Im constantly trying to learn new things and develop new skills. If I don’t I think I will find myself not working.

I really want to start DJ’ing more. I find this to be a lot of fun. I want to incorporate my bass playing into my DJ sets too as to make the DJ’ing more musical. I’ve never seen it done or rather I’ve never seen it done the way I would like it to be done!

I want to continue to make albums as Mocean Worker. They’re a lot of fun to do. While this latest album of mine features no guests in the past I have been fortunate to have Marcus Miller, Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter, Bono, David Fathead Newman , Les McCann , Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Houston Person among many many others appear as guests. Its a lot of fun to bring other musicians into my own music. I love that sense of community. Ultimately I’d love to have a live band again. Its just not feasible right now.

This is a very difficult question for me to answer. Music means everything to me. Its the center of my being. Currently music is something that I think is a little misunderstood around the world. People think music is something that is just there, that its free. The internet has created a confusing situation for music and music makers. The general world population thinks that music is just all around them and free to consume. This makes life very very hard for people that want to pursue a career making music. Music isn’t something that’s free per se but it is something that is in everybody’s life. I hope that as music subscription services grow people understand that paying $9.99 a month ( or whatever their local currency is) as a subscription price will hopefully guarantee that great music will continue to get made. If people cannot making a living making music they will no longer produce music. Sure they might make music for the fun of it but not on a level where it will be heard world wide and inspire other people to create their own music and pursue their musical dreams. I think these are confusing times in the short term. Hopefully some things will become more stable for music creators. I have a lot of hope for this scenario.

Sire website maintenance on Sunday, August 31 from 7pm -11pm Pacific Time

We will be performing some planned website maintenance on Sunday, August 31 from 7pm to 11pm Pacific Time in USA.

During this time, all the Sire web site will be offline.

Please contact us ; sireguitars@gmail.com, if you have any inquiries during this hours.

We hope this won’t be too much of an inconvenience as we work to perform some necessary upgrades.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we tune up the site!

Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong (May) - Thailand

My name is Patcharapong Ruenghirunwong (May) and I am a professional musician. My first instrument is a drum set. I first played bass when I was 16, because a bass player in my band quitted. So I had to be a substitute. I didn’t like playing bass at first, but now I love it.

I heard about Sire Bass from Youtube. I’ve been following Marcus Miller for a while because he’s my idol and has inspired me to play bass. -When I first played Sire Bass, I was impressed with the feeling when slapping. The neck felt just right. -I’ve owned 15 basses, including Sire Bass V7. Personally, I think Sire is the best bang for the buck. It’s just fun to play, especially for people who like slapping. I think Sire is one of the most funs to do slapping

Now, I’m producing my own album, “BURN” by May Patcharapong. It should be out soon. You can view my work on Youtube, or support us through Itune. On top of that, I have a band that does back-up music for both Thai and international artists. I’ve been working with many Thai famous artists such as, New-Jiw, Nueng Aphiwat, Nueng Jakrawan, Ko Mr. Saxman, Tu Nuntida, Mint Maliwan, Singto Namchok, Golf Pichaya, To Saksit, Pod Moderndog, Dom The Star, Kam The Star, Gunt The Star, and Palmy. International artists that I’ve worked with are Jakob Dinesen, Frank Herrgott, Erik Hargrove, Philippe Sellam. I also have recorded with Ao Seksan, Nueng Jakrawan, Nueng Aphiwat, Bell Supol, Kop Taxi

I don’t have a specific goal for numbers of view. I do it for fun. I feel great and am quite surprised that there’re many people following my work.

Sire V7 Fretless

Some of our customers have suggested us to create fretless basses. So we are considering producing them by preorder.

Fretless bass in regular production is difficult due to very limited demand. Therefore, if we get more than 20 pre-orders, we can start producing them.

So we are opening for fretless bass order from today until July 21. We will start the production when we receive more than 20 orders, and the shipping will start by the end of August. But if the order doesn’t reach 20, sorry folks, we’ll have to pass.

If anyone interested, please provide basic information below and email to us.

Name :

Address, telephone number, email address:

Requested Model (E.g. V7 4string Natural) :

Send email to sales@sire-guitars.com

Please note that there will be extra $70 charge from the regular price.

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you.

The hottest bass of the year 2015!


We invite you to the new sensation of Marcus Miller by SIRE!




– Just after three month of release, SIRE basses received overwhelming and explosive responses from bass players all over the world including Germany, USA, and China, where first and second shipments have all been sold out and people are in waiting for the third chance to order theirs!


– SIRE basses have scored a perfect rating (five stars) by major review magazines in USA and Germany from the toughest critics.


– SIRE has received remarkable attention and has been the talk of the town in the most prominent bass forum and review sites such as Talkbass.com and Notreble.com. SIRE Brand has been recognized as the “game changer” by the players and critics alike.


– Just after three months of release, hundreds of videos of SIRE basses have been uploaded on YouTube by players all around the world.


– A brand of choice by hundreds of professional players and musicians.


– The collaborative effort by the bass legend of our time, Marcus Miller and SIRE Company, together brought the birth of a new Brand called The “Marcus Miller by SIRE”.


by Marcus Miller & Sire

“To put my name on, It had to be perfect.

Now we have a great instrument here.” -M.Miller

Unprecedented raving interest by the players in Germany and USA.

The first sale began in USA and Germany in the beginning of 2015. Right from the first release, many players showed great interest.

Every day new comments and reviews about the Sire basses were being posted in prominent bass community sites like Talkbass.com. We received much love and support by the Chicago bass club that consists over thousand members.

And not long after that, those who became sire fans began calling the sire basses the game changer. The players that bought the sire bass started saying how sire bass is different from other basses. The sire bass is not a temporary fad, but a never seen before superior brand that is going to change the market. From Europe to USA to Asia, people in different places shared the same.

We are now proudly using this new nickname,

“game changer”

given by SIRE bass players on Bass Player magazine ad.

Bass Player May.

Bass Player June.

Bass Player July.

From Germany to all of Europe, SIRE has gotten much attention. Inventory that was expected to last three months was exhausted in half of that time.

thomann.de is the leading musical instrument distribution channel in all Europe. Sire basses became instant best seller in just two months if sales and became the most sought after bass guitar.

since then we have received many proposals for dealership. With growing popularity of the sire basses, the shops that wanted to carry our brand grew as well.

in May 2015, sire launched in Turkey and china and began sales, in June 2015, sire launched in Italy and Korea. In July 2015, sire will launch in japan.

We want to thank all SIRE fans and players for your continued interest and support.

A raving “5 Star” rating from major bass guitar magazines in Europe and America.


pr_03   pr_06   pr_07

The “20 minute” gave raving review and called SIRE the future of musical instrument industry.

One of the most prominent professional instrument review company, BONEDO made following comments about the SIRE basses.

(The sound bites are available for those who are interested)


Sound, quality and diversity

very good playability and ergonomics

very good preamp with EQ flexible

flawless workmanship

sensational value for money



Marcus Miller by SIRE bass review special characteristics

Most common comments by SIRE bass players, “Superb tone. Great preamp that can dial in to any tone you want. Even passive tone is outstanding. Perfect 5 star rating.

SIRE has been complimeneted for outstanding worksmanship. Here’s a comment by one of the SIRE bass user,

– “I am a Fen*** guy, with an Ameri*** Stand*** Preci**** Bass, 1994 “75” reis*** Ja** Bass, and few others. The V7 is a “Masterpiece” of an instrument, I don’t think there is a tone that you can’t get from this Bass, The construction is as good or better than my $1349 Precis*** Bass for a fraction of the price. I had a couple of questions, and the response from the Company was fast and clearly answered my questions. I have been spreading the word about this Bass, I can’t say enough good things about the V7. No matter if you are a novice player or a pro, You can’t go wrong with the V7…..Thank You Sire Guitar Co. & Marcus Miller……….a very happy customer…… Sincerely, Mikael Wilt”

– flawless workmanship ( bonedo)

“Unbelievable price. It is mind boggling how such price can be possible.”

Over and over again, we received such reaction from SIRE players. This is possible because from manufacturing to sales, SIRE has control of all process and our special knowhow and turning technique in building quality pickups and preamp efficienlty also played a key role.

This is how we can conclude such phenomenon.

Hundreds of video clips of SIRE basses uploaded on Youtube just within three months of release. Overwhelming responses from bass players all around the world.

Please go to the link and you can see some of the video clips uploaded by SIRE players. You can find many satisfied players that are proudly showing off their new SIRE basses. See for yourself what people are saying about the SIRE basses and Company.

And each day new reviews and video clips are continually uploaded.

We want extend our appreciation to all SIRE bass players who believe in our instruments and supporting the SIRE Company.

A brand of choice by hundreds of professional musicians.

The SIRE basses are increasingly getting popular among the professional musicians. SIRE bass players satisfaction and testimony is spreading through the word of mouth and is spreading in the bass community all across the world.

And there are many more professional musicians who are playing the SIRE bass today and the number is growing each day.

The Bass of choice by the professionals, Marcus Miller by SIRE!

Jackie Clark
Jonathan Moody
Kevin “KT” Tyler
Will Howard
Jauqo III-X
Vuyani Wakaba
Shem Von Schroeck
Steve Jenkins
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Roberto Valley
Adam Dorn
Eric Rupert
LeRoy Patterson
Derrick Murdock
John Kanakis


There is a reason why many players are getting the SIRE basses and can’t stop talking about it.

We want you to find out why we are the talk of the town in the bass community all across the world.

We want you to see for yourself why we are the “Game Changer”


Thank you.


The left-handed basses are finally here!

The left-handed basses are finally here! We just began the pre-sale of the left-handed models.

We want to thank all those who have patiently waited until now.

We have limited quantity of each model so please reserve your bass by pre ordering your bass as soon as possible.

We expect the ship date to be around July 10th but more exact ETA will be notified soon.

Follow this link to preorder your New SIRE Marcus Miller bass of your choice!


SIRE Marcus Miller V7-5 NT Availability Announcement. 

Sire marcus miller V7 5st NT

We are please to let you know that the SIRE Marcus Miller V7 Ash NT are now in stock and ready to ship!

 We want to thank all the players who have pre-ordered their bass and they will be shipped out starting Monday,
June 22 in the order the purchase was made. All pre-orders will be shipped out within couple of days
so you can expect to receive them very soon.
We also want to let you know that this is a limited time offering and the inventory low so we urge to place your order
before they sell out again for those of you who have been waiting to get the best selling SIRE 5-string bass.

Sire marcus miller V7 Left handed series  announcement

We are also pleased to announce that the long waited left hand SIRE basses will be available for pre-order starting next week!
However there will only be limited quantity available for this is our initial offering to accommodate the left-hand players
who have contacted us. The estimated time arrival and actual ship date will be around July 6th.
Thank you for choosing SIRE!

Sire V7 Bass Review BY VUYANI WAKABA

"..Had I been introduced to Sire basses based on price alone, I may have been very skeptical about how good they might be.  Fortunately, I got a chance to see and play the bass before I was told how much it costs.

My take on this bass is, this is a very, very good jazz bass.  Although the price is amazingly affordable, this is not an entry-level instrument.  I would proudly play this instrument on any stage in the world without reservation.  It sounds and looks that good!

Marcus Miller and Sire have managed to put together a pricing model that will allow virtually anyone to be able to get a high quality, good playing and excellent sounding bass without breaking the bank.

Currently, the players that are playing the Marcus Miller by Sire V7 basses include Jackie Clark, Jonathan Moody, Kevin “KT” Tyler, Marcus Miller, Chicago bassists Will Howard, Jauqo III-X, and me – Vuyani Wakaba.   A large number of basses has been sold to many other bass players and are currently in the process of being delivered..."