Zafer Sanli - Turkey

My orientation and appeal towards music started in high school. Then I continued my scholarship in Music Teaching Department of Marmara University, in the year 1985. That is also where I got my education on classical guitar and piano. I really wanted to play bass, so, I decided to play in a band which we formed with our friends, in 1987. I have been playing since, then.

Ünsal Dinçer, of your Turkish partner Senkop Music, informed and invited me to try Sire Basses to the shop. I adored Sire by it’s tonal variety, very comfortable fretboard, and it’s top quality material. And so, I became the official Sire endorser of Senkop Music (V7ALD5TS).

I have accompanied, and am still accompanying, many important Turkish pop artists on their gigs and recording sessions. The first time I played my Sire bass was on Erol Evgin’s concert, one of the most famous pop singers of Turkey. Since Mr. Evgin has a wide range in his repertoire (such as jazz, pop, rock, turkish folk…), which was also a very important experience for me. Also, I recorded the bass lines on the premiering album of our band Sekans 4 (Kayıp Kelimeler Krallığı), with my own Sire V7; as mentioned also, on the album’s cover, as the bass itself has shown a great performance in the session.

As a professional bass guitarist, I accompanied, am still accompanying, many famous artists in Turkey (such as; Ersen ve Dadaşlar,Erol Evgin,Emre Altuğ,Cem Karaca,Cahit Berkay,Simge Sağın ,Gülşen ) in their gig’s and recording sessions, for 30 years. Also, I recorded albums of Ersen ve Dadaşlar (1998-2007), Cahit Berkay & Grup Zan’s – Toprak (2007), and Sekans 4’s – Kayıp Kelimeler Krallığı (2016). My own compositions also found their place in many different singer’s own albums. My own bass guitar method book got published in the year 2014. Also I am giving private lessons and organising Workshops. You can find more about me on

First of all, I would like to state that my actual professional domain is bass guitar and studio musicianship. I am giving private lessons in my private studio, in my spare times from the concerts. I am updating my Youtube Channel with my own equipe. As a dedicated professional musician, I am still appearing with my compositions and as a music director in valuable projects, from time to time.

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It was hard to reach for Turkish sources about bass guitar playing, back in my time, so, as many of us, I also learned from sources in foreign languages. That’s where I felt the necessity of a source in our own tongue, so  I always dreamed to write a method which would be a trusted source for bass guitarists. Music Teaching was my department in the university, though I never had the time to be a music teacher as I continued my carreer as a professional musician. By the time I felt the right moment, I combined my vast experience and professional reservoir , so I decided to write and publish a bass guitar method. After 2 years with full dedication, my method of 102 pages with 3 cd’s full-of-backing track to accompany learners, was published in the name of Bas Gitarist’in El Kitabı (Bass Guitarist’s Handbook) was published and nominated as the most extensive bass method in my own country, which made me really happy. After the publishing, I decided to visualise my method and made a partnership agreement with YouTube.

Music is a great passion and a way of life. I always believed that, whatever you do, you should do it with love.

We entered to a contest with our band in university, Labirent (Labyrinth) . This was the first time I played in front of a crowd so I was very excited. I worked a lot and the hard work paid-off well; with 3 awards which helped me a lot to maintain my self-confidence. This was the one I never forgot.

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There are many reasons for bass players to get themselves a Sire Bass. The tonal variety compared with good prices make it possible to play in any genre, style. Along with that, it’s comfortable fretboard and quality the of material used in building the bass is a very sufficient reason to acquire a Sire, in my own opinion.

Rommel Dela Cruz - Philippines

Became a bass player by default because someone has to play it in my high school band! Fell in love with the sound and how it affects the whole band.

My first main influences would be Adam Clayton(U2) and Flea..then i heard Jaco and i was floored.the sound,touch,everything.

For every genre,i hear a certain tone..punchy and distinct,will cut through the whole mix,especially in recordings,where the bass needs to ground the song..the jazz bass config. Is very versatile in that sense..the alder V7 has all those things.

Everyone was giving me the thumbs up..the way it envelopes the bottom end. It was a good day!

I am honored to be the first Sire friend in the Philippines considering that the bass is Marcus Miller’s brainchild. Everything about the instrument is world class..craftsmanship,tone,looks and the fact the beginners could actually avail it for a reasonable price. It would inspire them to make music for the long haul.

I saw it first on Facebook when Adrian Nuñez posted about it. Classic look and with Marcus Miller’ s name on it! No-brainer i want to have V-7 rosewood!

My initial impression was this is a classic with steroids..tried it out live and the tone was killing.Clear bottom end and cutting..embraces the whole band.In the studio,the tone is punchy and very versatile.

I am part of Freestyle(pop group) and released more than ten albums the past 2 decades. We play clubs and national tours around the country and has just finished an australian tour. I was also part of Barbie’s Cradle and released 3 albums the past..been doing some side projects (NRML Project). I also have my studio/session side and has played on more than 100 albums..anything the keeps the blood flowing!

Music has been a part of life since i was a teenager. I’ve been blessed to do this the past 2 decades..where as before music has been its own reward,now my main inspiration is my family,my wife Owie and my kids,Kristo and Audrey.

Eric Silva - Brazil

I first picked up the bass guitar when I was 15, when the bass player didn’t show and a friend told me to play the bass. It was like the acoustic guitar but I should play just the low strings and from then on, it became my passion.

In the beginning  I was very influenced by Abe Laboriel in his recordings with the Hosanna Music. I’ve always been involved with gospel music, and always liked the groove players like James Jamerson, Pino Palladino, the master Marcus Miller and others

I met the Sire Bass via youtube. I always look for new gear and when I saw Mr. Miller demonstrating that bass, I had no doubt that I needed to get it! The bass is fantastic and it has exceeded my expectations

I first played in the studio when I plugged the bass their was no noise, it had a perfect pitch and the Heritage preamp is perfect. After that day, I played in a local event gig with the group I belong to the Family of Faith Worship. I also played for an established singer in Brazil, it was awesome.

I am honored to be the first  Sire Friend in Brazil. My desire is to invite all my friends and wish very soon to have a lot of Sire friends in Brazil.

I’ve had several instruments, but Sire surprised me! It is hard to believe that it is possible to have an instrument of this quality under a fair price for consumers.

My main suggestion to Sire is that they look at our Brazilian market and spread Sire Revolution here.

After 2 years of searching I found one way to get my Sire and when I saw an advertisement in Brazil, I had no doubt but to buy it. I had seen the great player Andrew Berry use the same model that I have with David Sanborn, it was great!

I’ve always been involved with gospel music and today I am part of Family of Faith Worship and also I am a free lancer to some gospel singers Brazilians.

My inspiration comes from God, on Him. I am so grateful for life, family, friends and music.

Christian Laguna - Bolivia

I found about Sire surfing the Internet. But I knew it was hard to find them in Bolivia.
In may I went to play in Cochabamba. A friend of mine, Ramiro Vazques, also a bass player
told me there was someone bringing Sire Bass to Bolivia. I immediately contacted Fernando
Jimenez at DON BOLIVIA and started my Sire relationship.

I was very impressed when I got my bass home. The bass just needed some light fret work
but was ready to play. The sound is just amazing and the wood work is just great.

When I knew the bass guitar, I didn’t had any clue this instrument existed. By plucking
the bass string in its case, I knew I wanted to play the bass my entire life and that’s what
I do since 1994.My main influences are

1. Flea
2. Jaco Pastorius
3. Marcus Miller

I started in Bolivia rock Bands. Soon I was invited to play all kinds of music. In 1998 I
moved to Mexico City. There I had the chance of going on with my studies. I performed with
great jazz musicians as Francisco Tellez and Emmanuel Mora. There I started my musical
Project Takesi with which I performed all over México and Europe. The 2nd cd PACHAMAMA
participated in the Latin Grammy Awards 2015. In Mexico I also performed live or in Studio
with latin Pop Stars as Alejandra Guzman, Reyli Barba, Sin Bandera, Nacho Cano, La 5ta
Estación among others. Since 2014 I returned to my Hometown La Paz where I still work as a
Musical Producer and Director. I currently keep on with Takesi and as musical Director for
Luzmila Carpio (world music), Milton Cortez (latin Pop) and several jazz projects including
Johannes Lemke, Jarry Singla (germany) and Christian Perez (arg/Usa).