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Which side are you on? Sire V3 or Sire M2


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Digital Bird Lifestyle

🤣🤣🤣 A Pirate’s life for me...Stay safe out there! Make sure to share with someone who needs a good laugh 😂😂

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SlapStore América Latina

It's amazing how music can connect souls!
#SireV10 #MarcusMiller

Bajista, reserva tu #Sire 🇰🇷 V10 o V10-5 a precio OUTLET ✅ con llegada a finales de este mes y un precio que no se volverá a repetir 🤯. Quédate en casa, ponte en contactado con nosotros ... See more

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The Sound of SIRE Marcus Miller V10 - Recensione & Demo

Sire V10 Demo by:
Simone Vignola from Italy.


Sire V10 https://youtu.be/mLnkXrQebYs

Un primo giro alla scoperta di questo strumento magnifico, comodo e versatile, con un sound morbido e brillante, perfetto per le slappate più ardue! Metterò ...

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Sire V3 2nd Generation

Special thanks to SlapStore América Latina for this photo.

5 days ago

"I tell you Sire stands head and shoulders above those boutique basses.
I'm a PROUD owner and PROUD to be the first in my country, the first Bass I've ever purchased brand new." " - Reuel Daniel ( ... See more

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It's a light-hearted comedic day of cheer!
How did you spend the April Fool's Day?


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Choose day Tuesday
Featuring Ash and Alder.

Which wood do you like better for a bass? And why?


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Sire Marcus Miller V7 2nd Generation - Sound Demo (no talking)

Here's a sound demo video of the Sire V7 2nd Generation Bass.

#SireDemo #SireExperience


Sire Marcus Miller V7 2nd Generation Bass - Sound Demo (no talking) *Buy now: https://www.thomann.de/gb/marcus_miller_v7_alder_4_bmr_2nd_gen.htm?offid=1&affi...

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