Sire Revolution

Ceo Kyle

My name is Kyle, I am the CEO of SIRE Guitars and a dreamer of SIRE Revolution!

Height: 6ft  /  Weight: 150lbs

Appearance: Not as handsome as this character in the picture.

Character: A daydreamer and a visionary still on the move chasing my dream and staying ever young.

Occupation: A revolutionist of course!  This sound a bit grandiose but I’m trying to make the “Sire Revolution” come true to life!


Sire Revolution

“Sire Revolution” does sound somewhat grandiose. And it might even sound a bit old school but this phrase seems to communicate what I want to say the best. I hope you don’t mind the word “revolution”

So, what is the Sire Revolution?

It is about sharing the benefit of mega production that became possible with advanced technology and automation. With cutting edge machinery and automation, making good instruments at a much affordable price became possible. But all the benefits go the major instrument companies and large distributors while the players are actually paying more for them each year with the rising prices. So “Sire Revolution” is about giving these benefits back to the players!

We want to make a brand that is created for the players and that will always stand by the players.


Professional Quality at Affordable Prices

To simply summarize and explain in one phrase the benefit that you as a player will get if “Sire Revolution” succeeds, is “professional quality at insane price”. Any players would be able to see the superior quality and specs of Sire instruments. This is truly revolutionary. If you can buy a professional quality bass that is sold for $1500 in the stores for only $400-500 would you not agree that this is indeed revolutionary?

And not only that, the bass is built together with the bass god of all time, Marcus Miller! For two years Marcus and I have researched, tested, built and rebuilt countless times and finally came out with the perfect bass that has Marcus Miller’s name on it!

And it’s not just the bass! We are offering all solid (top, back, sides) acoustic guitars that can only be found in a $1000 range acoustic guitars for only $300!

How is the “Professional Quality at Insane Price” possible?

A.   Advanced solely owned and operated factory.

We have an advanced solely owned and operated factories with the technology for mass production capabilities. Major guitar companies all around the world manufactures their guitars through own factories or via OEM factories where third party manufacturing companies build the guitars for them. You might have confidence of your guitars of a certain brand, but the truth is that it is more likely that your guitar was also built in the same factory as many other major brand companies. This is especially true for almost all major guitar brands with mid ranged priced guitars. They give orders to same OEM factories that builds for them. But all Sire instruments are built over our solely owned factory. We have a vast experience and specially when it comes to mass production. With our unique manufacturing process and strict quality control, we are able to build the highest quality guitars and offer it at the lowest price.


B.   Mass production of fewer models

We do not manufacture many different models. This is to maximize the efficiency in production.


C.   All parts are manufactured in our factory

All guitar parts are manufactured within our factory (we do not pay royalty or purchase from third party parts companies). From pickups to electronics and hardware, we manufacture all crucial parts that goes into our instruments. We do not pay any royalties on parts or accessories.


D.   Minimal advertising expenses

We have a minimal marketing expenses for advertising on magazines, websites, and endorsing musicians. We believe that the quality of our instruments will speak for themselves and prove their worth within the global market over time. We do not even rent booth spaces in major music conventions for advertisement because all that spending will raise the price of the instruments that will be sold to you.