Music for Everyone School (MES)

In 2012 the Sire guitar company founded the Music for Everyone School(MES) in Cambodia and Laos.

Even though we make our guitars for an affordable price, there are still many people who can’t afford to buy any guitar.
For that reason, Sire guitars started the MES project.

In each of our music school in Cambodia and Laos, around 100 students come to practice music everyday.
We teach music for free and support talented young students by donating guitars.

Music is equal for everyone

It is SIRE’s mission and dream to enable anyone, regardless of location or upbringing, to live a life with access to music without discrimination.

Through MES (Music Everyone School) project, SIRE is reaching out to children, enabling them the chance to grow with music.

In the future, we hope more and more children in many more countries are healed with music.

SIRE is making effort to share corporations’ profit with the world community by giving it back to society.