My name is Juan Carlos Mendoza a professional bass player, producer, composer. All of my life I have been doing all of this, also I have been touring and recording with different artists from Spain. We can also see me very often on music TV shows with different bands including my own band.

Like many bass players I’m always on the net searching for new stuff for basses then I stumbled upon “Sire” because  I saw an interview with Mr. Marcus Miller talking about his Sire basses. Immediately it caught my attention and I looked for other videos about it. I was surprised with the sound because it was exactly what I have been looking for on every bass I owned. But this one was so clear, no doubt the best sounding bass for me. The first time I played my Sire bass was a fantastic experience. It was the first time I felt so comfortable with a new instrument, like the feeling that I had been playing these basses for years! The sound is the one that I was dreaming to have in a bass for so many years. Truly a game changer!

I started playing bass so early. Maybe I was only 12 years old. The bass is my best friend and my life. I have play almost any bass I could afford and endorse any brand on my way in search for the ultimate sound!

I am a free lance musician, producer of many artists in Spain as rock band Orquesta Mondragon, Amistades Peligrosas, Cristina Del Valle etc. As well as composer and recording artist myself. I have been playing bass all my life, actually touring around Spain with Pop Band “Amistades Peligrosas” and “Ellas dan la Nota” and all woman singers act. As musical dir. and bass player, producer.

My last album “Thanks To Life” came out as a part of what I am being thankful for with everything in my life. I did want to say ”Thanks To Life” for all this wonderful years of good music with so many talented artists and musicians. I included this great Chilean composer “Violeta Parra” song in Spanish called in my CD “Gracias A La Vida”. I have put together a lot of my preferences in music again in one CD. Some are smooth jazz, some funk, some pop, some flamenco and Brazilian inspirations and even some music from old cabarets in a very lounge old style that I used to hear when I started playing as a professional musicians in old cabarets. Finally it is a very wide open work with a lot of bass work there.

I have two albums with my name and music on them. I am still a tour and as a session artist but these late years I am trying to focus on my own music and my live band and for that I am very grateful. I have toured for so many years and with so many artists around the world.

I have toured in countries like South America to Europe, Russia, and Japan. Playing live with the instrument you love and feel confident is very important to me. It inspires me to do better so thank you Sire!

Music is the best natural energy I know. It can make people hearts move. Whether through joy or sadness. Emotions are always felt in this craft called music so it is a very powerful tool.

Music is my life so as a composer I create the musical atmosphere plus stuff that I can only express with music. My bass is the instrument that helps me impart this to the people I perform to.

My little suggestion to Sire Guitars is to continue your vision and goal. You are the best around, a revolution and Sire has done so well being a game changer. Instruments with such a great sound on an affordable price, yes I agree, you are no doubt a “Game Changer”.