When do you schedule to restock your basses?

Recently the demand for SIRE basses grew so much that the supply is unable to catch up with the demand. However, we are working on our production to make the out of stock basses available as soon as possible. For out of stock basses, we have a new estimated available date written with the bass. This date is the earliest possibility of when the basses will be back in stock and send out to you. All basses will be shipped in the order they were received. If it simply says out of stock, then a new ship date will be updated within few days so please check back in couple of days.

ETA varies from model to model so please check the ETA date on the model when you order. We will do our best to update the inventory information as much as we can but checking back our website and noticeboard time to time will secure you chance to get the bass of your choice.

Do you offer custom options with your guitars?

Unfortunately we do not do any modifications or custom jobs. The reason for that is because we keep a tight production and strict manufacturing process. Once we begin to accommodate custom requests and deviate from the standard production, it forces us raise the price on our instruments because all custom requests have to be done manually separate from production. So we keep it simple and focus on building to give you the best quality bass at the best price. We hope you understand.

What is your return policy?

You have one month to try the bass to see if there is a good match with you and the SIRE bass so return is not a problem. However because we are an online store and it involves shipping, we cannot pay the shipping costs out of our pocket for the many players who are not satisfied with the bass for personal reasons. If the bass is damaged or has structural issues, we will gladly refund or replace the bass of course. Fret buzzing, or neck issues can be easily fixed with proper setup which we ask the players to take care of it since setup is done according to the players preference. And at the price we are selling the SIRE basses, we cannot extend our service for that. So you can return the bass but you have to ship it at your expense and we refund the bass purchase 100% less the shipping cost. And of course, the bass has to be packed and returned in the same condition it was sent to you so that we can resale the bass.

Are you coming up with new models soon?

We do not have new models available yet, but we are always paying attention to the needs of our players. We are always passionate about new stuff for our players by working with them and constantly asking for their inputs.

We will continue to expand our line up and offering more variety and options as time passes, so please check back on our website time to time for updates and introduction of new models.

Do you have left handed models and also fretless versions?

All left-hand and fret-less bass orders are now handled by SIRE custom shop department as they are categorized as special orders made on demand. There is a wait time of 30-45 days from the date of order for completion.

What is the difference between Antique White and White Blonde?

Here at Sire Guitars we are always on a look out for new things like unique finishes on our basses.

The difference between the two is that the Antique White would be our traditional white finish while the White Blonde features a slight white transparent finish that exposes the beautiful grains of the wood

Does Sire Guitars have warranty?

All our basses/guitars when ordered directly from our web stores has a LIMITED one year warranty not including any accidental damages. Our distributor partners has their own warranty for our basses/guitars so of you ordered it through them, you might need to get in touch with their customer relations for their warranty terms.

Do you setup up the guitar/basses before you ship it?

We do setup our guitars/basses when we ship it. As you may know, setups depends on the player’s preference so you might need to tweak it to your specifications. If you are not sure on how to setup your Sire guitar/bass, please have a qualified luthier do it for you.

Can we have a copy of your preamp manual for the V7 and M7?

*Sure we do have a manual for our preamps. Please see below:


How long does the battery last on your preamps?

Battery life depends on the usage of the bass too. We advise that you unplug the bass after every use to preserve battery life. Please also use alkaline batteries such as Energizer or Duracell plus you can make it a habit to change batteries after 3 months of installing one.

Are you going to sell any of your accessories such as preamps, pickups or pickguards?

As of the moment we do not sell any of our accessories in order to focus on the growing demands for our guitars/basses. If ever we do decide to sell our accessories, it will be announced over our facebook page and our official website.